Update 30th November 2021

Pimax Update
November 30th, 2021

Sword Controller Shipment Advisory

We have completed shipment of the first batch of Pimax Sword Controllers and the 2nd batch is fully packaged and prepared for shipment on Monday.

Some shipments are requiring more transport time to the destination than expected. We consulted with the carriers and they have told us transport is progressing normally for this busy time of year. They also added the shortage of transport vehicles also has some effect.

For backers with confirmed email addresses, we will notify you by an email that will include the tracking information when your parcel ships.

So now we are once again asking backers who have not already done so to please confirm your address with our customer service. It’s important to do the confirmation to ensure any significant delay.

Submit a ticket : Pimax Support

New Backer Box Promotion

We have promised our backers during a previous Pimax event that Backer Boxes would become available for sale as a separate item.

The Backer Box Contains :


Comfort Kit x 1

Replacement Foam x 1

Silicone Protective Sleeve x 1

The MSRP is set at a special $145.60 excluding any shipping and handling charges and taxes.

There are 2 shipping options for Backers to select from:

A. Express Shipping Handled by FedEx / UPS / DHL

B. Default Shipping, Allocated the items to local FBA Warehouse and deliver to assigned address.

If you’re interested in purchasing this item please contact our Customer Service. They’ll provide detailed information on “How to purchase”.

Pimax Experience

The Pimax VR Experience is currently not being updated and development is paused for an indefinite amount of time. The app is still available for download and can be used as always. Thank you so much for your ongoing support for this project.

We do have some good news on this front as the Pimax engineering team is working on it’s own combination of Pitool and PE in the same package that incorporates both sets of features. We will advise on progress in a future update and show screen shots and more.

DMAS whining issue

Some DMAS customers experience a whining issue where a low hum can be heard during quiet periods. We are following up on this issue and working towards providing a solution once we determine the root cause.

Your Pimax Team.