Update #22 29/05/18



Now that looks good and finally what we all have been asking for (progress visualization) and ofcourse hoping for.
Thanks @deletedpimaxrep1.


This looks fantastic. Hopefully this will soothe some of the savage beasts of the forum but I doubt it haha.


Well, why would it? It’s just another “progress being made” post, except with pictures this time.

Still no new information about the actual ship dates.

I don’t see any lighthouse receiver nodes on this M1 headset


I’m curious about this as well, Pimax promised compatibility and I want to see if that’s still happening. I won’t be very happy if the 2.0 lighthouses will be required.

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Maybe yes or maybe not in this case.

for many of us the sponsors I think that is not enough.

I see it how and say hello and goodbye.

He needs to be more detailed in explanations to respond to what has been commented.

Are they going to be sent this week to the beta tester?

If so, they would have passed the internal tests.

some video of its operation, etc …

So much does it cost to write a much more detailed report?


the shell of the device is thinned in places to allow the light from beacons to shine through. that light was never in the visible spectrum to begin with so you wont see anything.


they wont, thats not how this works. no matter what tracking system the headset uses it will be backward compatible with v 1.0 lighthouses. that has nothing to do with pimax thats part of the baseline hardware standard. it cant NOT be compatible with a base station.


If you look very closely at the headset image, you can see a few small circular areas where the texture is subtly different. The sensors should be under those spots. Personally, I like the fact that Pimax is making an attempt to make the headset stylish and hide those sensors, unlike the Vive which is, imo, ugly and utilitarian.

The interesting thing is that, in general, Chinese companies seem to be reluctant to spend money on having a product designer help make a product stylish. The 8K is huge, yet doesn’t stick out in front of your face as much at the flat-front designs. Also, the cyan chevron gives the headset an electronic cyborg hammerhead shark vibe, which I think is smart. VR headsets have a tendency to look nerdy and they’ve avoided that. The chevron motif is echoed by the lighthouses and controllers. The design is instantly recognizable, which will help their brand immensely.

If the 8K is as good as I hope it is, I think Pimax could be very successful. They already stand out from the crowd, in a good way. I sure hope they don’t blow it. Every delay makes it harder to support them, but if the headset is good, I think most people will forgive them for those delays.


im curious if the images represent final assembly or if something will come between the lenses and our faces like in original kickstarter video. like with what i see here i am curious how the glasses and eye tracking modules will slot in.( and how much they will restrict fov)

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Lol, if it’s anything the pimax is not is stylish, the Vive looks a lot better imo.

But the absolute least I care about in my VR headsets are how they look on the outside.


So still in manufacturing then and still not shipping to testers. Another promise of progress broken?

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Presumably this is the clean room where the lens and lcd’s are assembled in their housing , maybe they have only just set it up

If anything those pictures at least provide an answer to @aesopfabled 's question if the Pimax 8K would also use a Fresnel lense.

To those who have tried v2, were those lenses Fresnel as well? I thought I remember that those were not and hence provided the huge sweetspot across most of the FOV.

honestly surprised there are people who didn’t realise the lenses have a fine fresnel to them. Been visible in images for a v long time. https://roadtovrlive-5ea0.kxcdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/pimax-8k-1.jpg


V2 also had fresnel lenses, but yes they had huge sweet spot.

Don’t worry guys. Things are starting to happen anytime now :slight_smile: I would guess the M1 units ship this week, otherwise we should have know already if they dont.


this thing is going to be legit amazing. i cant wait to play and work in these things.

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Now this is an image that gives me hope

I bet that the NDA will come with a neural pain bridge to “enforce it”, right Sweviver :smiley: ?


This worries me too somewhat. On the Vive (pro) the sensors are clearly angled to optimize the signal. It seems difficult to hide that behind an even plastic layer and still have good signal. I hope this doesn’t mean they’ve dropped lighthouse support at all, I really couldn’t care less for a ‘porn only’ device (I have no faith in a proprietary tracking system)

Other than that, I’m happy with the photo’s, this at least confirms that they’re indeed assembling the HMD’s. I’m hoping that shipping happens this week.

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