Upcoming Headsets to Keep any Eye on

As you say yourself, the 70 PPD is just within the focus screen area - so I still expect them to focus on increasing those screens’ size while more or less maintaining the same overall FoV or, as Djonko suggests, moving to a simpler one screen per eye solution with high PPD - again maintaining the old FoV.

But speculating is futile at the end, we will just have to wait and see.

Of course I would be very happy to see them push the boundaries and deliver a wet dream of a headset (unfortunately likely at a price I will not be willing to pay if it is a VR4/XR4 and not an Aero 2, as the announcement suggests). It’s just that I don’t consider this to be very likely.

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I was thinking the same but if you take 1920 for 70PPD which equals 27 degrees - times that by three horizontally for 6k that still only gets you 81 degrees horizontal. It would be easier to keep the 1920 retina resolution and just have free rein on the back panel for the peripheral.

But I’ve never used a Varjo headset so don’t have the experience of the bionic displays. How large does the Fovea area need to be?

The more I think about it the more it actually MIGHT make sense that they’re just going for 1 panel with high resolution. The tech is there (apple showed us) and it will just be easier to produce, cheaper and will be lighter and so more comfortable. So who knows, we’ll find out soon… But yeah at this point I think it just doesn’t make much sense to continue to work with 2 panels per eye.


Other news is that the Somnium VR1 seems to have 122-128 hFoV. Not sure if this spec was already published but especially if they can get it near 130 hFoV that does sound interesting.



I kinda think the opposite lol. I think Varjo need a USP to sell the VR4 to high end buisnesses. If they use one panel then it becomes an Aero. Maybe we’ll see and Aero later use the same back panel. Pure guessing on my part.

As for Somnium I hope their glass doesn’t create glare or optical artifact due to using two sets of lenses per eye. I feel the 12k could be the headset to get if Pimax can get it together and sadly the VR1 will get overlooked by the time its released.

I’m surprised HTC has not done an elongated reveal yet like they usually do in the run up to CES.

In the latest Steam Hardware Survey the Crystal has yet to make an appearance. Even after several months on sale. But then again neither has the BSB. Thats not exactly good news for PCVR. Quest3 has shot up to a whopping 0.15%.

When will some one break that 140FoV for under 1000k barrier???


With current lens technology it’s just very difficult. Sure, you can do it in a “Pimaxian” way (or even call it an “VRgineers” way if you want, cause the XTAL lenses also just aren’t really good) and release something that “works” (kinda LOL) but most companies feel that the optics should be good and that’s just very difficult for high FoV.

Pancake was a nice improvement but we need a new breakthrough.

I posted a long tech video on the subject last week, it really opened my eyes, never realised that it’s just a physics thing. Without such breakthrough it seems not likely that the big companies will release anything 140+ in the coming years.

With current technology it’s just not possible to make 140 hFoV lenses, for small pixel size, that are sharp all over the lens.

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Yeah that was a great watch I really like Art from Somnium and Art from Hypervision. You really feel the futures safe in their hands.

I’m suprised we’ve not heard about an new XTAL yet using those Hypervision lenses. Once that production line is up and running the wide FOV scene will explode imo.

Heres a blast from the past. CES 2017.

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haha yeah I wonder whatever happened with their plans. But this headset obviously was a way lower resolution and, as I understand now, the higher the resolution the more difficult it is. So it’s now even more difficult to create (sharp) wide FoV lenses than back then.

I wonder what would happen if Panasonic released that headset now with better fresnel lenses and modest 2560x2560 LCD panels but at a $600 price point? Would it take PCVR to the next level or be another Pimax 5k+.