Unreliable controller tracking

pitool doesn’t pick up the headset and controllers consistently either so room setup doesn’t work

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If PiTool doesn’t pick it up it won’t work in SteamVR.

Headset says not tracked, display is gray as well. It is a lighthouse issue? I have the 1.0

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OK… :wink:

I know this might sound stupid, but try the “Pimax shuffle”… :slight_smile:

Not sure how far You are from the lighthouse(s), but try walking away if it’s a single lighthouse (1+ meter/3+ feet) and turn the headset 180 degrees to one side and then the other.

If that’s not enough, try hiding it from the “sight” of the lighthouse (if it’s a single lighthouse) and “present” it again.

I have this issue when playing seated (I use a single lighthouse for that) because my lighthouse is very close to where I sit (50-60cm/~2 feet).

When I play room scale gaming (two lighthouses and about 2 meters distance to each of them when in the middle) it tracks instantly.

I have 2 lighthouses like 15 feet apart.

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OK… :+1:

Thing is I’ve had this happen to me too, but it definitely was a software issue.

Just don’t remember what I did exactly… :slight_smile:

There are a few links in linked topic.

I see. I’ll give the bat file a try after I make sure my wife hasn’t left me hahaha


Sound like You’ve got Your priorities straight… :smiley:

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You’ve probably tried this already but last time something like this happened to me a “restart service” from Pitool fixed it.

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nothing yet guys. No response from pimax either

Eventually got it going, but the tracking is still off. Controllers are at my feet in reality but across the steamvr room. The headset also appears to be under ground level in steamvr home. Any idea how to fix that?

Do the room setup in SteamVR.

I’ve done that…won’t see the headset but see the controllers. When it does see he headset and I am able to get through setup, the controllers appear across the room and the headset view is like I’m in the corner instead of the center of the room.

I have the same problem. Did you solve it?


If you couldn’t resolve the issue using this link, you may need to submit a ticket to our helpdesk.
Our technician will be help you to diagnose the tracking problem.


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The tips shown in this post do not match : win 10 single user, lastest pitool, headset recognized.

During a session, sometimes vic pop suddenly 3m away (while it was fine before) from my 5k+ and stays in this state even if I reboot/reset service/reboot headset/change usb port/leave ans start steamvr again. I think I tried everything, the only solution is to hope it’ll be fine the next day.
This issue starts randomly and I couldn’t replicate it, I doubt a technician will be able to diagnose especially by taking control of my computer.

I know I’m not the only one who experience this problem, I remember I saw topics about this but “of course” they’re closed before a solution could be given -_-


Could you provide us the ticket number?
So we can take a look at it with the technician.


Not yet, I don’t have time for the moment. If it happens again I’ll open a ticket.

Don’t have a ticket number but I have an extensive email thread with Vivi. The tracking says it arrived with you guys. 1z4023w64256792831

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