Unity Pakage or asset for PimaxVr4k support

Hi i am a ‘Inde’ developing games in Unity i just ordered a PimaxVr4k from gearbest and was wondering is there a unity asset or package so that i can develope games for pimax in unity

NOTE.for Study not for publishing games online i am still a student learning.

The SDK they posted has a unity asset.
Think this is what you are looking for,

Thanks for the help i have installed pipay very early even before my headsed is shipped i am very exited about it …i am still a rockey and trying to learn much more

Thank you Sir you were great help

No problem!
Hehe, I also installed everything before my headset shipped. It worked very well for me… when it arrived I literally just plugged it in and it worked!

I also recommend you install Pix.exe they posted,
It unlocked more resolutions in extended mode.

See the Pimax mode currently makes it like the vive for steamvr compatibility… but this reduces the resolution… still hd but in extended more (with pix installed) you get the other resolutions… currently 2560x1440 (slightly above 2K) works great… they are still working on a raw 3K,4K signal… they need to figure compression otherwise the 4K bandwidth get limited to 30fps instead of 60.

In 1440p, extended mode, some of the unity games I’ve seen are stunning. I’ve never seen VR like that!.. and when they get the 3K, and 4K working as a raw output WOW!

Here is that pix link too,

That link was from this post:

Good luck, and try to stay patient :wink:

For example? :sparkling_heart:

For a quick horror experience I recommend, dreadeye which is available in piplay. I’m away from home right now, but I can post some others ones I like after too.

hi i encountered one more problem small one actual how to use the asset u provided it tried but it only runs like normal please help …i want to make it like dk2 game my pc does not support direct mode or pimax mode it only shows extended mode… :cry: :

Hi there… this is the stage I am approaching… I have not used that asset yet… but its next on my list… I can post something once I have figured it out… or if someone else already has figured it out I would be all ears also :slight_smile:

Yes i used this one i am giving a link with this message with this message i got this unitypackage from this website only some one gave it to me

you can download it here now! MEGA key: !Ma9riQ1cL1CSY-IXkIq95Jhc7B87dDlGKRQjYzyKs8c This is a beta version, and you need to install Piplay first, and then you can open it.

:point_up_2: this is the message i recived

Does this unity asset work with Unity free version or it only works with unity pro as i am unable to use it properly and i have a lot of issues / errors stated bellow

Ah… it make me crazy… It can’t be set up for the IPD Adjustment. I need to adjust it… because the pvrResult giving a wrong local position of each eyes… I tried to fix it by myself. but it is so funny… this working do not rotation the HMD object.
It transforming each eyes on the unity. all information of transform receiving from the PVR DLL… so there is no set parameter… DLL giving me the parameter PVR_IPD 0.063

public pvrResult getHmdPoseStateAtTime(double absTime, ref pvrPoseStatef outPoseState);

If I want adjust each eyes then I have to put two cameras in the VRViewer0 after removed that eyes scripts…