Under 3 weeks to get my base station order

Ok... this is pretty cool. I ordered the base stations a couple weeks back, and Fed Ex will be dropping them off tomorrow. Given all I'd heard about Pimax shipping slowness, I ordered them well in advance of need, hoping to have them about the same time they are able to ship my 8Kx (I'm a pre-order guy- not a backer). I was pleasantly surprised to have them shipped so fast from China to Canada. They also estimated ("conservatively" in their words) that I should have my 8Kx in 10-13 weeks. I'd be fine with that... it gives me time to decide which new GPU to buy. I'm leaning towards the new Nvidea line. Cheers! Add images

Nice !
When did you preorder your 8Kx ?

Hm. I think it was in July. I expect to be near the back of the line.

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and some backers still dont have theirs :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Hm. Well, I can’t speak to that. Do you mean some backers have not received their base stations or their headsets? I think the base stations are plentiful now, but production appears to be still ramping up for the headsets. If I’m to get my headset in 13 weeks, I’d expect all the backers and the folks who pre-ordered the ahead of me to get theirs first. But perhaps there are shipping issues to some countries that don’t exist between Canada and China via Fed-Ex.
I just thought it was cool that my order arrived more quickly than I expected in light of all the negative experiences reported on the forum. To me, it’s a hopeful sign.

base stations bought as addons in the kickstarter

Glad to hear this! I’ve heard complaints that getting the headset is kind of pointless as you can’t get the light houses or controllers.

I am a backer and still waiting for my base stations, will never order anything from Pimax again.

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I’m leaning towards the new Nvidea line.

Your GPU will be leaning too looking at the size of the 3000 series cards. I would not be able to fit one in my case, I hope the board partners can make something more… compact.

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Size doesn’t matter to me my case is designed with maximum space for the video card but when I built my machine around my gtx1080 i assumed new cards would become more power efficient over time and only got a 650 watt power supply… i’m watching the announcements sept 1 closely because the rumors are that the new cards are going to be using upwards of 350 watts for the 3090 which puts me at or near my maximum, not where you want to be on a power supply. ugh (this is up from 180 watts for the 1080)

also pcie gen 4 might be required for maximum performance which means a whole new system (mb, cpu, ram)

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