Unable to flash firmware

I have a 203 5K+ on .255 firmware and would like to try to update to the 144hz firmware to try it out. However, I find that I am unable to do that with the firmware flashing program.
When I run stm_dfu_3040_64.exe, I get the following windows.
screen 1
When I press next, I get this:
screen 2
I have no screen that allows me to select the firmware and update.
Anyone have any idea what it going on here?
Thanks for any help!

This is to be expected. By running stm_dfu_3040.exe you are installing the drivers for “DFU device”, which is the device Pimax headset has to “turn into” for being able to run a flash upgrade.

The program to actually flash the firmware is Dfu.exe which is located in <Pimax install root>\Runtime directory.


Thanks for the reply.
Can you tell me the process for using dfu.exe?

Download the firmware. Find the firmware, turn on the helmet and download.


Thank you very much for your help!

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