Ultimate Guide to Tune Up Pimax 5K+/8K (no more eye strain, glare and distortions)

all of these adjustments he speaks of, can make such a huge difference. It seems that this is the real reason Valve and oculus and HTC are scared of supporting wide fov. because at wide fov all of these micro adjustments are necessary for perfect image.

It seems that the best thing would be a DAS that allowed

  • physical tilt adjustment,
  • physical distance adjustment (in and out so it doesn’t matter what face foam you are using)
  • physical vertical adjustment (maybe a knob on the left side to adjust height of left lens up or down a couple of mm)

44cm is 1.5 feet

my elbow to my finger tip is probably 44cm

are you a toddler?

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True!! A DAS with all of this adjustments is… a must have!!


I had faith at first that pimax was going design the best deluxe audio strap and incorporate fine adjustments because they are so necessary on their headsets. They appear to have let us all down by not doing so.:sob:


my IPD is 60 (measured by optometrist). I found >this< so I tried to set IPD offset to -2 and then set hardware IPD back to my 60 and it makes a big difference in the 3D depth.
I may need to further test it and find more acurate IPD offset, but I just tried the steamVR default home environment and the branches on the trees and the plants are properly 3D now (I can distinguish the distance much better then before, the branches jut out more).
I would have never thought that this setting would solve my problems with 3D effect.
There really need to be some easy way to calibrate the HMD to each person (some setup in pitool perhaps).


I think this is mostly for lack of enough resolution and visual clues. As distance grows the difference between left and right image gets low and I think our brain creates 3D scene mostly from other clues (object occlusion, shadows etc.).

I have 3D camera and for good 3D effect you need object distance up to say 5 meters, after that it diminishes rapidly. Of course you can compensate by taking images farther apart (as if the eyes had bigger separation) - e.g. for close mountain you would need to move even few meters to get good 3d shot.

So yes, you can increase 3D effect of distant objects by increasing eye separation, but you will not get natural image. There could be some Pimax misalignment and perhaps you need to add some offset in your unit, but my HMD get’s natural image without changing separation at all. In past when I used 3d vision glasses I sometimes also did tricks with separation to increase 3d-effect, but these images were never real-life size in the first place so it was just matter of preference. For VR I value natural feel more than artificial 3D effect.

The issue might be that the there was a lot of variance in the panel positioning on the headsets due to the positioning of the panels being a manual process.

I have had two 5k+ headsets due to cracks. My first was fairly good at default settings just a little eye fatigue after use. My second had horrible double vision briefly when putting on and taking off the headset. I fixed it with +2 vertical offset in one eye and now it is more comfortable than the first.

PimaxUSA has confirmed that there is now an automatic process in place to detect alignment issues on newer headsets. He also mentioned that before there was more variance between the headsets.


Nope that’s what I meant elbow to fingertips…
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its okay i thought you were Peter Dinklage


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Well it would be nice since I am misusing my home office for VR, which is not very large - would save the controllers some impact to the walls if I were tiny.
But I am rather on the larger side.

  • need to thing about upgrading some exterior parts to a larger office/play space.

Well, I’ve been experimenting with my 5k+ and turns out as far as clarity, distortions and eye strain is concerned my settings where pretty good. One thing though, after reading this. I don’t have a strong feeling of being in 3d space. I’m low IPD. Do any of you think that this has anything to do with this?

Couple of things I’ve thought about. I still don’t have any base stations so I have no head tracking except from the gyros. Can that explain the feeling of less 3d?

My vision is pretty good and I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten more feeling of 3d when I run a game I can supersample like crazy like house of the dying sun.

I remember feeling presence and 3d alot more in my oculus dk2. I also remember feeling like I lost a bit of that when I got the rift cv1. Is it possible to adapt to vr in a way that it can’t trick your brain anymore?

try >this<
it helped me with 3D, my IPD is 60.
tracking is not affecting the 3D depth.


cool, i was hoping HOTDS was pimax compatible.

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Thank you for your suggestion! I will try this.

Ok so I have been trying different settings for quite some time. Also tried moving the headset on my face. No apparent change in feeling of 3d or depth. I got no eyestrain. I’m kind of annoyed I can’t figure this out.

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Have you tried tweaking the vertical offset? I discovered that my eyes aren’t at the same height. I adjusted the vertical offset for my dominant eye (with the other eye closed) until I got the best image and then repeated the process for my other eye. I discovered that +5.5 and +8.0 improved the 3D effect for me.

Caution! If you set your offsets to differing values (like I did) you may discover that things no longer line up in real life! This is especially true for me when I’m tired. I can concentrate and get things to line up again, but it’s a real side-effect. I now see 3D better in VR than in real life.

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Hello, thank you for your suggestion.

well I think I’ve tried just about everything now. Not saying I’ve done every possible setting or placement on my head, but it is close. The HMD bottom outs at an physical IPD of 60. My near IPD is somewhere between 57 or 57.5 (did two measurements). Unless there is some magic being done on the next version of pitools or the new pimax headsets got lower ipd, different lenses etc. it seems like experiencing 3d is not reachable for me.

I really hope that someone with the same problems as I have go to the demonstrations and give feedback online on this particurlar subject.


That’s most unfortunate. I hope that Pimax (or another company) releases a headset that can accommodate smaller faces, since women (and children) tend to have smaller faces. Until then, unless Pimax’s engineers can find a solution, you may have to wait for a good VR experience.

@Sean.Huang is there any potential solution in the works?

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Now I don’t know what the problem is or if it is related to hardware ipd completely og partly. It might be that it is just me (hey pimax, want to send me some prototypes to test? I’m special hehe). It would be great if HMD manufacturers made two models. Low/high IPD. Would be great for women who typically has lower IPD and us guys with tight eyes. If there is hardware limitations that leads to less FOV for a low IPD HMD so be it. I understand that this might not be economicaly feasable and might become confusing for potential customers, but one can hope.

Anyways, its been a long time since a pitool update. As things like ipd-offset and vertical offset helped alot of people there might be new functionalities that can help.

I have gone over the internet with a fine comb, trying to find some hack that could help, but it seems I’m at the end of the line.

If anyone here have a suggestion for a fix, I would be happy to try it out. I do wonder if it might be my headset itself that is faulty and would love to hear from pimax if this is a problem that might be related to manufacturing.

My last bet is to try to downgrade pitool versions to see if there is any difference there.