UK KS backer Pimax 8K received :)

UK KS backer 4397

Got DPD delivery notification last Friday and my Pimax 8K today.

It’s saying 8K P2 on the headset, from the visual inspection everything is good, headset is very solid, no cracking sounds, semi-matt surface.

I’m still in the process of building my new PC (Asus Thor 850W PSU, Asus Crosshair VII HERO, AMD RYZEN 5 2600x, 32Gb Corsair 3200 memory, Asus Ruyo 120 AIO, Samsung 500Gb NVMe plus 3 x Samsung 500Gb SSD) but still thinking about what graphics card to get - 2080 or 2080Ti, I can’t force myself to pay £1200 for a good 2080Ti (yet :slight_smile: ).

I’m using my old PC at the moment, that is LGA2011 i7 3820, 16Gb of memory, SSD and hybrid HDD, and 1070 graphics card. My monitor is old 29" 2560x1080 LG IPS.

I’m not sure if it worth to connect the 8K to my old PC now (I don’t have LHs or controllers but I have some success in using Leap Motion to simulate controllers) or to build my new PC (and get Vive wands and LHs) and use 8K with it, not to spoil the first impressions…

The games I’m planning to play are ED, Subnautica, Skyrim, Fallout, maybe The Forest.

Any word of advise is more than welcome :slight_smile:


It’s up to you if you want to play with it on your current system. But I would say at least check it for issues.


Hook it up if only to check for the common cable shielding issue and get your support request in to Pimax if it is required. It’s a slow process so better to get it done now rather than later. I’d also be looking for any dead pixels as that would require an RMA which is another slow process.

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For Skyrim for sure shouldn’t be an issue. The 8k overall shouldn’t be an issue to use on your current setup until you upgrade.

Many are using or have used the 8k on similar or weaker setups.

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Thank you, I’ll give it a try tonight. would be interesting to compare old and new system. I think i@ll go for a 2080 OCd now and see if I want 2080Ti :wink:

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@fresco can give you 980ti skyrim capability. He likes his mods & has been comparing his 980ti system with his 1080ti system. :wink:

I have a 1070, and my 8k runs very smoothly on Beat Saber. Maybe it’s just the motion smoothing, but it looks really smooth.

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Thank you! What settings you think are best?

I run Beat Saber with the in game super sampling set at 1.25 iirc. Steamvr at 100% and Pitool at 1.25.
Large fov seems to work fine.

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Thank you! Still haven’t fired the headset - :frowning:

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