UK backer 20xx quick review 5K+

Probably nothing new here but here we go anyway.
Got 5k+ this morning.

The good:

Setup went relatively smooth, controllers don’t pair as easily as the vive but otherwise fine.
Headset is lighter than I imagined, strap feels better than vive as it cups the back of your head.
5m extension display port cable working fine.
Resolution is nice, although varies from game to game how much it helps
wide FOV didn’t actually blow me away as I thought it would, but as with resolution, some games benefit from it more than others. ‘In Death’ looks amazing, as does ultrawings… crisp and high res.

The bad:

The colours/black are washed out from LCD of course. I didn’t think this would be an issue but actually the contrast is now poor and games like Skyrim and fallout look flat to me. Iron wolf VR is probably the worst, it’s very dark and it feels like the lenses have steamed up its so washed.
There’s no space for my nose. This actually starts to hurt after a while. extra padding going in there I think.
I have little sparkling white dots all over the screens, this is very subtle and can only be seen on black. I’m not sure if this is normal or not? it doesn’t concern me too much.
It’s a little depressing that even with 2080Ti I’m struggling to get decent frames in fallout 4/the forest/etc. Lots of optimisation to do here I guess.
The Fresnel reflections are far from gone, but admittedly an improvement over Vive.

Now for the worst thing, this is seriously messing with my vision. Even after fiddling with location and IPD, when I take the headset off it takes me a good ten minutes for my vision to recover. This used to happen on the DK2 as you perceive that something just isn’t right. Started to feel sick too. This concerns me that it’s going to affect me long term as I play Fallout for hours at a time. I do suspect however that my brain will get used to it after a couple of weeks.
I think bringing the headset closer to my face helps with the distortion. I know for some people they think further away is better. Still experimenting there.

‘normal’ FOV works best for me. Large just adds a blurry mess to the edges which is distracting. Small actually isn’t bad, it’s still better than Vive.

Haven’t tried DCS yet… I’m hopeful but think that’s going to need some serious frigging around to get the best out of it.

Overall I think it’s OK, but I was hoping for better. I can’t imagine how bad it must have been in Jan 2018 if this is what we have now. I’m actually relieved the waiting is over more than anything, it was incredibly frustrating. I won’t be backing anything else that’s for sure.


nice review glad you have your 5k and hope you can dial it in to have a lot of fun
Pimax play fair let us all get our headsets before next christmas please


Sucks that it’s straining your eyes, I hope you’ll find a way to improve it but some like Lemming had no luck.
Distortion is supposedly better on the 8K.

Most likely a cable issue, it’s been resolved by reseating the cable or replacing it.

Thanks I’ll try pulling the cable a couple of times. I think I read Pimax might replace the cable to address this, we’ll see.

Forgot to mention that the extension cable is an OK solution, but you still have the power supply connected half way up. People who bought the 10m single cable should have a better time, if they ever get it!

MrVR… I feel your pain dude… surely can’t be long now.

we live in hope let me know what movies are like on it when you get chance my friend

Once should be sufficient :slight_smile:


Try without the extension cable, still sparkling?

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Yes Kickstarters really do suck with timelines. In the 5k 8k directory there is a troubleshooting wiki that might yeild some solutions.


Well, I had already tried this and it didn’t work. However I did it again this morning and the dots went. Then, even stranger I put the extension back and they are still gone…

Going out now but will check again later and see if it’s still fixed. I noticed in another thread they suggested that when the headset is on for a while they start. Will check that.



nice to hear have fun

It appears that there is a time element to the sparkling, after a short while they start to reappear. This is not a big issue though as I said originally they are subtle.

Biggest annoyance now is that each time I come to it, the lighthouse track isn’t working, only the internal rotations. Everything is green and I can’t see anything wrong.

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