Two pieces of content codes -> are missing

Hi, @PimaxQuorra ,

at “Weekly Update 27/03/2020” you stated:

Two pieces of content codes for Kickstarters - Finished 500 codes for 250 backers. Begin to deliver via kickstarter messages. Distribution target will be 600 users/1200 codes per day by 6 employees and finish all delivery of codes within 10 days.

Well, 10 days were gone, but as I have a backer number between 2000 and 2100 I did not recieved these content.

Should I open a support ticket or is it an other delay?
Please advice.


Maybe start by checking your spam / trash folders? I’m in the 12xx numbers and got mine april 2’nd. which is a bit slower than the 600 a day from the 27’th but still you oughta have gotten yours by now.

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You know, that would be too easy. I already did before posting and found the Kickstarter Update #55 from December. And that was the last one too.

Edit: Even on the Kickstarter Page is no private message


I didn’t get anything too

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Nothing here either (4xxx)


Didn’t get one (backer 1xxx). Spam folder clear.

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THIS IS A NORMAL PIMAX DELAY :grin: :grin: :grin:

I would not worry guys…

You can buy them both on Steam for less than £8.00
Both are just sit and watch stories, and will be over in 30 mins max,
yes i got mine months ago, and have never even opened them a second time since, they are both uninstalled.

Amazed how Pimax even had the nerve to include them as a kickstarter Goal.
To be honest they look like one of the staff there knocked them up over a weekend



Hi Lars1C,

It’s not on a delay. Our colleague is spending time on the games code. Maybe she has left out your ID. Could you please share us the backer ID? We will ask them send the games code to you right now?

Please share us via DM.


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No Code here!! What happend?

Hi Rallivr,

Please DM us your backer ID.


Thank you for your Support!! Great Job!

Thank you for your Support :smiley:

The codes arrived by e-mail from the Kickstarter-server. It was not a PM at Kickstarter-HP itself.


I quite liked the 1st class
OK for free lol

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