Travel with 8kx without limits

Fall in love with VR-World ,

everything is so clear and tangible when there is no screen door effect .Ultra-wide 200 FOV makes the scenes more Immersive.

It makes me makes me very excited because I saw my ideal virtual travel:

Sitting at home and enjoying the world, watching hundreds of species of creatures in the rainforest, looking at the Antarctic ice sheet for thousands of miles, entering the seabed for thousands of miles, and traveling billions of light years in the universe; dancing with primitive tribes at this moment, and sunbathing on the Mediterranean coast in the next moment. ------Whatever you think, wherever VR is…


Can someone recommend some VR video???


Yes, I really want it, it’s so beautiful that I, I, I … am ready to enjoy it forever.
It is simply beyond words, it is a miracle! :star_struck: :+1:

But could you send me my 8KX first so I can enjoy so much fun too? :roll_eyes:

And a couple more points.

Can you tell us when our 8KXs will be shipped?
Has the issue with sending to Russia been resolved?

Please give us some informational food, or I’ll go crazy waiting for my 8KX :crazy_face:

@PimaxQuorra hasn’t updated anything for a long time. Say hello to him please :beer: I hope he’s okay.


This channel features high quality landscape 360 videos. Especially the 8K videos that have been downsampled from 12K videos.


really appreciate !!love U


sorry to have you keep you wating for such a long time. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
But I am not one of the shipping department,As I know,you can submit a ticket here and then our customer service will tell you the delivery progress to you :

As for @PimaxQuorra,is getting out of the eight-day holiday~~ :nerd_face: :airplane:

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Nature Treks is decent.

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and hard :grin: :thinking:

Which software for good vision of airpano video with pimax? I use whirlgig and I will try this airpano
but need to download the file? Because all 360 video I found on you tube was really bad quality and ouf ot word scale in pimax.

I use YouTubeVR and set the quality level to 8K manually. Requires a powerful PC and a good internet connection.

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I tried in past but the word scale was very bad all the world was very very big in all video
what’s the wrong?

The AirPano videos are all 360° monoscopic, so there should be no issue with wrong world scale.
You can of issues with stereoscopic videos and world scale if your IPD is higher or lower than the average IPD because stereoscopic videos are usually recorded with a camera distance that reflects the average human IPD.

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You are so cool, it’s great :wink:
Well, in that case, thanks for sharing a wonderful experience :+1: It really helps me iron out the excruciating wait for my 8KX :zzz:
Hopefully, I will soon be able to share my experience of using the wonderful 8KX with you.
Cheers :pi_thumbsup:

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Century,sorry to have you keep you wating for such a long time …I sincerely hope you can enjoy it soon

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Please try this website


It seems that quality depend on the resolution of video,
try this :

how can I watch youtube videos in VR? Do I need big screen or some other app?

Download video and open it with VR player

I’ve tried downloading an AirPano video but it produces strange results. The image is split horizontally, with the upper half the right way up and the lower half flipped 90 degrees to the right. Same on both DeoVR Player and Sim 4K Video Player. Is this expected behaviour?

Doesn’t sound right…I never had this situation