Transfer your status as a backer to someone else?

Not that I’m contemplating this, as I a eagerly await my HMD, whenever it’s ready… , but for the sake of debating it, would it be possible to transfer your position as a backer to someone else interested? If this was a possibility, maybe a queue could be managed of people who did not back the 8K before the KS ended, for whatever reason, but have reconsidered their decision and would like to back it now if a slot becomes available. In this way if a slot is made available because certain backer decides to step-down… the first in the queue is offered the same reward for the same price originally paid by the exiting backer… and once the payment is complete the latter recoups the money.

Is this far fetched or even viable? I will probably purchase a Vive-Pro and maybe it is enough for my needs and don’t feel like waiting for the 8k… or maybe I’ll keep both or sell the Vive-Pro once the 8k arrives and it’s awesome… having options is always great :smile:

Things are confused and unknown enough, with out this random idea


You could always enter a contract with somebody and repost the product when you receive it. Nobody can stop you doing that. The question is, are they also buying the risk involved, e.g. if its DOA, is that their problem. Money up front etc.

You could always arrange an eBay buy it now sale with someone. I doubt pimax would want to mess with shuffling backers.

Deja vu ? Isn’t there already another thread in which this had been discussed ?

@mattforum Lucky we are not 5000+ creating this kind of post…Cmon mate…What you ask is just common sense

Ok Ok Jeez…!!! I didn’t know there were other threads in this vein… Of course is possible to sell the 8k once it arrives or even before (although I doubt nobody would enter into such kind of agreements…) I just keep seeing posts of people regreting not having backed the 8k or arriving late to the KS, and for a moment I considered a good Idea being able to cede your position to someone interested.

Topic closed as far as I’m concerned.

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