Today is the last day they could ship 😂

And then it will be a whopper of a Chinese holiday. They should have called it a holiweek. ಠ_ಠ

For now is still have 3 days…
This Chinese holiday start at 10/1 ,after this 9/28 29 30 still need to work…
At now is 9/28 8:51AM.

xunshu tell that the first batch will ship within this week.

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The regular working time generally is from Monday to Friday, with Saturday and Sunday off.

As it’s already 10 o’clock in the morning in China.
Hopefully a shipping confirmation will arrive in the next few hours.


No in this week Saturday and Sunday need to work ing… Because the coming 7days Chinese holiday.
I am Chinese…


Thank you, so they can be send until sunday?

(20 Char Patch)


Ok thats good news if they can be send even sunday ^^

This could even be used to help people since some backers would have time to give impressions with a week in advance on the second batch.

Yep agreed. For me now it’s pretty much all about performance.

On large FOV if 5K+ can push game quality, Pitools, SS etc to a nice high level with 90fps but 8K can’t then I’ll be going 5K+.

If however SweViver finds that his 2080Ti can push the 8K hard and get good results with 80fps and large FOV and decent settings then its a harder choice.

Then it’s an easy choice for you: The 8K cannot run higher than 80 Hz, regardless of the video card. It’s a hardware limitation of the scaler chip.

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Lol thanks for pointing out the typo I’ve changed it

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I don’t think so. They said they use warehouses around the globe. Could be that it was sent out this week to these warehouses which would mean it gets send from one of these warehouses to your location in the next week. You would only get a confirmation for the last part of the shipping.

But this is just speculation from my side… We got no info like always… :frowning:


LOL :laughing: I see you’ve still said “get food results” instead of “good”.

I almost never mention typos, but you did bring it up. :slight_smile: I didn’t intend to point out a typo; I assumed you weren’t fully aware of the technical details.

My mother was an English teacher, so I know all the grammar rules. It actually takes willpower to not say anything. :zipper_mouth:

Yeah I told elsewhere that its gonna be macaroni and noodles


Did someone of the backers 1-200 already received the email from pimax about their choice 5k+ or 8k?
I think such an email comes first and then they ship :joy:

I am unfortunately backer 212, so i will have to wait for the second batch…

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I am in the low 5000’s but I still check my emails including the spam folder every day . You never know. :pray:


Haha nice :slight_smile:

I did actually mean food but good works too so I’ve changed it again :slight_smile:

I’ll blame the stupid autocorrect and the heavy pain meds I’m on haha.


never thought it would be an advantage now to have a higher baker number (5000+)…

if there is something we can be sure about, its that pimax always has delay :wink: i’m sure the shipping will start end of next month for maybe the first 200 people. of course thats just guessing. maybe they even change something small and the production will have more delay.

Are you sure or are you just guessing?