Tiny dual GPU case for 1080ti/Volta SLI for your future case projects

Tiny Dual GPU Case

Thought you guys might like this case for your forthcoming builds for those limited to a bedroom setup.
Please note it’s not for sale yet, if you read their forum posts (3rd link below) it looks like it will be wrapped up within a few months.

I’m not affiliated with them at all, (it’s not for sale anyway), just wanted to share for people who have very limited room space, or are restricted to using their VR in bed.

Linus Tech Tips video preview:

Case prototype completed (scroll down for more pics):

Case discussion page (forum):

Case Twitter page:


Nice case, terrible video… I’ll buy one because I always build small form factor.

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I am still using this: https://i.alza.co.uk/ImgW.ashx?fd=f3&cd=UD375b

That thing is ancient but I hadn’t have a reason to change it so far. I can attach a huge MoRa Radiator to it’s side and it is easy to work on. Just put a completely new i7 8700K system intoi it. :smiley:

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Both my VR builds are in Ncase M1 cases but they only support single gpu.