Ticket #19791 needs imediate response

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This is the discusion between Peteo and Matthew. And then between me and Matthew.
He tells me to create a support ticket to get support to ammend my order for me. I paid for the current owner upgrade program and hadnt been given my 8k to 5k+ credit yet so i could apply it to my order. So i do this and tell them i was owed $100 because i over paid on my order due to not having my credit available. “Before i created the ticket i actually talked to someone at the help desk and told them the same thing.” I told both support and the helpdesk that i bought the current owner upgrade program and wanted to apply my 8k to 5k+ credit to the headset and get $100 back or just apply it to the eyetracking since im going to get it anyway. It would be the same to me either way. And it would would be easier than giving me my $100. So last night i get an email for my $100 8k to 5k+ credit from the help desk. And about 1 hour later i get an email from support saying they cant give me $100 because i used upgrade plan C. I replied instantly and said i did not. With about 4 emails, 3 to the support ticket and 1 to the individual that emailed me. " No response". So now im pissed and i have to go to sleep, that didnt work out very well. This credit is useless to me if i cant use it on a headset. Or controller upgrade, or eyetracking. And this means Pimax is charging me $200 more than everyone else paid for plan C. I paid $1099 plus $60 tax and the plan is $899. Plus they are now taking my stretch goals from me. So they are getting me for $400. Either Pimax cant track the upgrade plan you used even when you tell them which one you used or they are trying to get over on me. I need this resolved immediatly or i will have to ask Paypal for a refund!!!
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So you got the Current Owner deal prior to them making it so backers couldn’t get it. And they were to apply the $100 downgrade credit to this Order?

And now there trying to swap your order to plan C without your consent after your order was processed & accepted. Unbelievable. :thinking::disappointed:

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This is very disturbing . It feels like Pimax wants to be done with all it’s Kickstarter commitments regardless of what we want to do . So now they can chop and change our orders as they please without our consent . Is that even legal ?


Yes that is correct.
The screen shots were Matthew telling Peteo that we are aloud to do the current owner upgrade program and apply our 8k to 5k+ credit towards it. I confirmed this twice with Matthew. After i told him i already bought it he said to have the service desk apply it to my purchase. I sent the screen shots of this and a screen shot of my Paypal purchase to the service desk with my request.


It’s still early AM in China. I am sure Matthew will fix this. But still disturbing that they maybe trying to reverse allowing these orders; that were accepted before pimax management changed policy.

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