Through the lens video request

If you can get your camera to focus on the screen door, that would help a lot of people out. We KNOW there is some SDE, you don’t have to try to hide it by constantly moving the camera around. This is a great video, and if you can load up the same game (The Lab - Vesper Peak), it would be a nice comparison. Thanks!

You can take a look here.


Thanks, but I’ve seen this, and it’s not (EDIT: a large portion of the whole screen). I want to see how the (EDIT: most of the) picture looks with SDE, not a super zoomed in image of the pixel pattern. Also, it should be a video, not just a still image, since I’d like to see how things look close up, far away, bright background vs dark, etc.

You can’t show a picture or a video of the whole view to show the sde because you just wouldn’t see it…

Of course. I just want something like my linked video:

  1. Pixels constantly focused (not 1/8th of the screen that is being recorded, like the Arizona Sunshine example).
  2. Movement while the pixels are focused.

I guess people don’t understand, so I’ll just wait for the reviewers of the test units to show it.

Looks like the new Ark Park video is a pretty good attempt at what I was hoping to see. Good stuff! It’s nice not seeing dots/individual pixels. I remember seeing more “wavy lines” than a screen door in the Dell Visor I tried. Pretty similar to this.

vrman66 is a good sample of sde checking.

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I would like to see some games with a dark screen and bright lights , some thing like elite dangerous.

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Here you go! Just posted! You also got a shoutout!

I think this is new video show about text reading, not show about sde because he move headset to the panel. He not zooming by the camera.

After I try to check from pc (not mobile). I think it can see pixel on the text. So we don’t need to zoom more.

Nice, but you don’t need to get closer to the text, and don’t worry about the flickering graphics, elite is crap with rendering stations and stuff, frontier developments really needs to up date there graphics engine, it not the 8K doing the flickering.
Would love more of elite as its going to be My main game. How about some project cars please :slight_smile:

Who ever gets to test or review the 8K, please do a comparison though the lens with a Vive :slight_smile:

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