Thread for those who did not get tracking information for their 8Kx Preorder/upgrade

Mine is SO5286 from 11/01/2019 and i got the,
"Everything is ready and we will ship your order " (17 September 14 days ago)


Backer upgrade SO18xxx, no shipping info

My upgrade order SO5847 (from of November 6, 2019), no information on the progress of sending to Russia.
Moreover, in our country no one can get 8KX right now due to an error of the Pimax logistics service.

Already half a month has passed since I created a topic on this issue, but nothing is being decided.

@PimaxQuorra please update progress if any.

@PimaxVR, @nordic, @PimaxQuorra , @PimaxUsa, @Asales @mozi
Please help us get our 8KXs.

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I upgraded, order SO48xx

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Upgrade, October 31st 2019, #SO47XX no tracking

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Order SO4684, Backer upgrade plan C, 31 Oct 2019.

No tracking info provided. Latest update from support ticket was “we will post after Chinese holiday”. So it is clear Pimax failed to meet their target for all orders posted by end of Sept. Or with their promise to post backers > upgrades > Pre orders.

Could we please have an official response from anyone at Pimax @PimaxUSA @PimaxQuorra.

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Order SO9905, Backer upgrade plan C (two times!), 14 Jan 2020

No tracking info provides. Last statement from @PimaxQuorra (already 10 days ago):
“Unfortunately we couldn’t see any tracking number on your order page, but the 8KX should be ship out within these 2 weeks. We will try to talk to logistic team and get a upcoming shipment list, to check whether your order is on the list.”

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You guys obviously haven’t put enough effort into this.

Waiting for them to act after they said they would or accepting their apologies and reassurances in general is a recipe for failure.

No you all need to create more public channels for attention, like your own topics.
Tag some forum support fowarders and don’t forget to get creative in telling them how this all is making you feel as a customer and as a VR enthusiast willing to give a lot of money.

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I’m also in this group but I thought I’d mention that, back on September 25th, Pimax admitted to having 352 outstanding orders. I’m sure that they’re working on us. I hope, lol.

Edit: I thought that it was nice that they mentioned it. Good communication. In my case, my order didn’t account for taxes so they needed more money for “da Man” (old hippy slang for “the government”).

They also got new orders in September and SHIPPED THEM before those outstanding orders.

Sure! Simple orders are still going thru normal channels. I’m assuming that the 352 of us are the ones requiring special attention. Patience, grasshopper: it’ll be soon. :crazy_face:

grumble grumble harumph

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Definitely!!! and 40 characters…

Yes, when I saw that update I noticed the date was on a Sunday, which meant the sums did not add up. These are Pimax’s own numbers from that 25 Sept update.

80-100 being shipped per day
3 working days left in Sept 2020
352 left to ship.

So at best they ship 300 leaving 52 people waiting for yet another one week Chinese holiday to finish.
Or at worst (and it’s Pimax so always assume the worst), 112 peopled left waiting.

SO 5859 here. They shipped it with tracking, Then my upgrade come to Shanghai and WAS SENT BACK to Pimax! (i give correct adress but they use some strange combination and Fedex sent it back). My 8KX is in Pimax now they didnt ship it second time …no tracking no info "will be shipped " answers.
I ca not understand - they can manufactuer so complicated HMD and simple cannot send it to customer…hawe no words.
Please Pimax ship me my SO5859 !!!

Backer Upgrader 10/30/2019, SO4817, no tracking number. Last update from @PimaxQuorra seven days ago …“parcel … awaiting pickup … tomorrow or Saturday.”

Since Pimax is apparently unable or unwilling to address these delays, I’ve taken the liberty of composing a sample message to 8KX customers on their behalf:

Dear Valued Backer Upgrader and Preorder 8KX Customers Still Awaiting Delivery,

We are sorry that we have failed once again to fulfill our promise to ship your 8KX for which you have paid for and have been awaiting, in some cases, for over 11 months. We acknowledge that we have not shipped the headsets in the priority order that we specified and that the continuing delay is no fault of your own.

We pledge that we will communicate to you IMMEDIATELY ONE of the following statuses regarding your headset:

  • There is a problem with order. We will tell you EXACTLY what must be done to resolve it.

  • Your order has been processed and packaged, but is awaiting pickup. We expect pickup in XX days.

  • Your order has been picked up, but a tracking order has not been generated. You can expect to receive a tracking number in XX days.

After communicating your headset status, we will update you on your order status NO LESS FREQUENTLY than every 48 hours until you receive your tracking number.

Again, we are sorry for the unwarranted delay, but hope to make it up to you with clear, honest, and updated communication regarding your 8KX.

Best Regards,

OK, there. Was that so hard? :neutral_face:


Good resolution skills. Now there’s a rumour that pimax wants YOU on their logistics and delivery team to clear up the miscommunication and delivery flubs :crazy_face: They could use the help. In all seriousness, Hope your issue is resolved soon.

Backer upgraded on January 31st…no tracking…I have been assured that there was no issue with my order and yet it did not ship by their deadline. It’ll get here when it does…frankly tired of even thinking about it anymore

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Just feed up with the lies and scamming tactics of this company.
As a backer I got one of the 202 headsets with the black dots display and they told us that they where the same as the other headsets. Just a blatant lie. Bought a a extra face foam and never received it. Then I got tricked again to “upgrade” to an 8Kx with a on ear deluxe audio headband. After sale they changed the specifications to a different design. And Now my local hardware retailer is getting the headsets before a “upgrade” order.
And just now the power supply broke on my 5K+.

Not getting scammed again, never ordering anything directly from this company.

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I have tried PM PimaxQuorra again and am getting nowhere. It seems they way they plan to tackle this issue is to ignore it even exists.

No official response, @PimaxUSA @PimaxQuorra for example have been active and posting on this forum. So they absolutely 100% have been seeing how this has impacted so many customers. Yet still there is not so much as an apology or explanation.

I work in an IT Service department and if this was how my team treated customers I would be absolutely livid with them. Basic rules of good customer support when someone has paid a lot of money for your product.

  1. Don’t promise and not deliver.
  2. Let the customer explain the issue and then tell them what you personally will do to resolve it.
  3. And above all, take ownership until the customer is happy.
  4. If that means holding someone else to account and forcing them to do their job correctly then do it.

Never ever say you will do all of the above then fail to do so and then start ignoring the customer. Never reply with generic messages that contain no new information. Or as I like to call it, doing a Pimax.

So the way it has worked for me.

Send a PM to @PimaxQuorra as instructed
Receive vague pointless response “we have your order and you will get tracking when it is posted”, is not a valid response to “why is my 8KX still not posted?”.

Raise a support ticket that either
a. Gets ignored
b. Receives a generic response such as “sorry for the delay, you will get tracking when the item is posted”.