Thoughts on 8K-X after some testing


A collection of thoughts on the 8K-X for those still waiting or wondering about issues the headset might have.

  • Initially with default settings - image was not good. I couldn’t get the HMD positioned on my head in a way to give a consistent clear image.

  • MAS is interesting - thought it weird that the back section didn’t come down lower on my head when fitting it. Rear weighting though balances the HMD nicely though.

  • Experimented with PiTool and found Vertical Screen Adjustment to -1 on with sides made a huge improvement to my image quality. For IPD settings, using =2 on measured IPD which was tested in Il2 Hangar on objects across the other side (drums and lathes).

  • Found with the MAS that one doesn’t need to have it too tight, also easy to get in and out of using the hinged rear. Place HMD to face and drop the rear down into position. Makes sense when you get the hand of it.

  • Above Ear Speakers are not much to write home about but one can hear through them and it is nice to have as a alternative to cans if you want to use the HMD but need to be aware of things going on outside of your virtual experience.

  • With a RTX2080, I find PiTool 1 with SteamVR 50% to give a reasonable experience in Il2. In DCS I can bump PiTool to 1.25 with ingame VR 1.2 and Medium Settings and get decent performance. This with FOV in Normal.

Now, the verdict. After getting used to the HMD - it is a great step up on the 8k I had prior. clarity of text, video in Virtual Desktop and VR Sims is huge. It can still use high SS values to make it shine with rich detail but even at lower settings, it is much improved on the 8K.

Should outlive a few generations of GPU updates and I really drool over Il2 and DCS planes now, not to mention the effects and detail I am seeing. I haven’t even bothered with the Scaler Mode as 75Hz is fine by me if the detail is there.

I also did sit the face foam up a little higher on the top of the headset for comfort purposes. With the Vertical Offset -1 and learning to place the HMD front first in place and back down , I get consistent placement and clarity.


It seems this is not on purpose as it does come down with some versions of the side hinges apparently… :smiley:


I’ll give it some more time but it is easy to get in and out of quickly with the limited movement.

Also, no need to crack it tight on ones head either, it sits quite well with little tension through the strap and that is with me tossing my head around in hectic Dog Fight Maneuvers. :laughing:


congrats , when did you pre-ordered 8kx? And how about colors if you compare to 5k?

OK… :slight_smile:

On the Vive I clearly remember using the DAS “wrong” for quite a while before realising that it should cup the lower part of the back of my head.

That really changes the comfort level and stability of it, but of course the [S|D|KD]MAS (PiMAS?) might be different… :wink:


never mind, you know that already

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You forgot the delivery time in your MAS lineup… XMAS :joy:
@blitze thanks for posting you review :+1:


Pre-ordered / upgraded pretty much when it was first available for to do so.

Colours in HMD compared to the 8K are as though the 8K-X has a brighter white point. The 8K is a little warmer and colour depth is relatively good. When dialed in, the 8K-X gives a nice pop to the aircraft skins in Il2 Hangar and I was flying Red nosed Yak 1 s.69 against 109 F2’s with Yellow Noses and they were beautiful to see up close in dog fights. The Ju52’s also looked very good in standard camo especially when they went down in flames.

DCS the Mig and Su27’s look very nice and in flyby mode, seeing for the first time vortices of the control surfaces when pulling G was a treat. I was only using Med to Low textures to in DCS, must bump them as the detail in the Su27 cockpit was a little soft. That being said, I could read out the different labels fairly well but couldn’t see the compass heading numbers on the Hud. I don’t have Base Stations yet so just using fixed seated position and HMD gyros. I must look at seeing if I can modify DCS seated positions like I can in Il2. I run Il2 1/3 of the way out from the sights so I get good view through the sight and checking 6.

Might get the alternative disks for the MAS as it seems as though the design is more for it to be lower at the back of the head. Just above the neck. Good to see how it is with that arrangement. :+1:


Some more thoughts.

  • Center View: Important to have the device sitting flat on a surface and facing the default direction you would like to use it. Makes a difference to clarity.

  • PiTool Render / SteamVR Render Settings: It seems from my experimentation that the 8KX has a good result using the old trick for the earlier headsets in SteamVR Render Res of 50% Video and 50% for per Application (similar to the 25% that people were trying to achieve a while back) in relation to PiTool Render Settings.

I know that Pimax eventually bumped down the 8K PiTool Render settings sent to to SteamVR to half they were originally which gave a similar result. I wonder if something similar would be beneficial for the 8KX???

At PiTool Render 1.25 or 1.5 with SteamVR 50% Video and 50% App, I get a very nice image. I think PITool 1.25 with SteamVR 50%/50% gives native res for the HMD. I could be mistaken. If you use it though combined with in game AA - I am sure one would get impressive frame rates and a very nice image.

Just some more observations - discuss and share your own thoughts on this other 8KX owners. Thanks.


Hi @blitze! Thanks for your review and thoughts! Did you also test black levels compared to 8k? If so, what’s your impression? does black look noticable less greyish using same pitool settings? cheers!

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Same PiTool and SteamVR settings are not comparable between the 8K and 8KX as the per eye render resolution on the 8KX at the same settings is near 2x.

At near same per eye res - yes, better on the 8KX and flying a night mission in Il2 had me seeing much more detail with better lighting. Must try DCS night flying and see how that is.

Do not play Elite Dangerous so I can’t comment on that but looking forward to SW Squadrons.


I was thinking more about at same contrast and backlight settings :slightly_smiling_face:

Keep posting your impressions as you dive into 8kx and more different games. I would like to read what you think.


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