They won't let me change to 5k+

Sorry for the English but I use a translator, as the title says do not let me change to 5k+, I would like to know why they say in the forum that if you can and then the pimax support says no.
I would like to receive my pimax as soon as possible and not have to wait until they manufacture and send the 8k. I have also opened a supen-1557.

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I had this as well. I got two replys that it is not allowed. A few days ago they suddenly aknowledged by change to 5K+ and now it is on the way to the overseas warehouse.

The whole process is very messy. It seems the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing right now.


It seems worse than that. It’s more like the left thumb does not know what the left index finger is doing. :rofl:


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Who finally approved it? I have both messages (We are working on your request, and you can’t do it.) in my email box, but the last spreadsheet shows my 8k is being built. I really don’t want to wait 2 months :frowning:

It doesn’t say. Just pimax support. It is a reply to a mail I wrote them.

You should at least reconsider if you really want to switch to the 5k+, check this first:

and after it this one:

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I wasn’t saying it was approved. I was just making a joke (that was the only emoji I saw of a left hand)