The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

Anyone else planning to pick this one up? It sounds like a decent game, comes out tomorrow on Steam.


Got mine pre-purchased and waiting to install in my library, really looking forward to checking this one out


Let me know if it’s any good, I’m stuck at work :weary:


Because of past disappointments I never pre-order, so come back with a quick review once you’ve played it a bit, if ya don’t mind!


God knows what it will be available - changed from available in less than an hour to coming soon…
a bit of a longer wait than the one we’ve already had

Ok anyone planning on getting this, the team have an issue with cross use, between headsets and controllers. So this will not work with the Pimax HMD’s you have to use Vive Headsets with Vive Controllers or the Index with Index Controllers. I have raised this with the devs on discord and they working on a fix


Interesting. I would imagine you might be fine with Vive wands using Vive mode.

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That is true, I only tested it with the Index controllers, I can not go back to those dreaded track pads lol


I see a lot of people saying that now they are gettting the error “No Supported VR device detected”

Can one of you try running the game with -steam added to the launch parameter in a desktop shortcut and see if that makes any difference?

Once I get home from work, I will be testing it out.

ill wait for a review and maybe if its good move my crunch element kickstarter pledge money there instead.

maybe after 3 years we finally have a game that can compete with Arizona sunshine

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1 BS
index controllers

“No supported vr device detected”


Seems to be a game dev issue. As @TheVRRealm posted the dev is aware of it and trying to fix.

As even Vive users with Knuckles are having this issue and index users with vive wands.

So Vive mode with Index Knuckles won’t work either.

my hmd is not detected, only when launching WD SAS. I’m following the discussion by developer on Steam page.

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Yeah they updated me on discord saying they are working on this fix already, as it seems the main reported issue to them at this moment in time


It works with 5K+ and xr with knuckles, you need to activate compatible only with Vive in Pitool
I’m disappointed with the game.
You cannot physically crouch in game, the world will move with you, only pushing a button.
You walk very slow and when you run a status bar appears in front of you, very annoying, indicating your energy, you can run 10 second and you are tired.
The hands and the weapons are very big, not only on pimax, on the index it’s the same.
You have a fov limitation mask, even with the small fov of pimax, it’s not present in the index
Very bad AI, a girl started to run in circles


Awesome thanks for the update. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Thanks for the tip of adding Vive only game, it allowed me to run it. Tested it out about 30 minutes. Game looks great and definitely has good meat and bones, it just needs a few tweaks to make a great title. The item placement for your gear is terrible. It’s so far off the body, it makes it hard to interact with things. It also sucks it’s not roomscale. That is such a strange choice to go with in 2020, although the game was made for a seated Oculus experience. If they can add any sort of roomscale I’d like it so much more. It’s not a bad game, it seems like a great game just being held back a bit by some minor flaws. The good news is these things shouldn’t be too difficult to fix.

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yea but that’s what rabid zombies do! :+1: