The survey: my vote was for brainwarp 2.0

And you guys should vote for that too! In the pitool section.


Same here :slight_smile: We need more Brainwarp!!


I selected none-of-the-above and asked them to work harder to get game developers to remove the need for the Parallel Projection option, especially in Elite Dangerous.


I asked for vive tracker and knuckles support…

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I voted “Other” for the rotational latency to be fixed so i can use my headset without getting a head ache. I really dont care about brainwarp 7, until the headset is usable in the first place.


I think I answered just “performance”


It’s interesting to see the difference in people’s perceptions (of course, there may be hardware variance too, or variation due to different games).

I believe you, but I don’t see that at all, yet I notice the SDE on the 8K almost all of the time. I try my best to ignore it, but it’s a near constant (but mild) annoyance.

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Yeah it is indeed interesting. I think a lot of people cant percieve exactly whats wrong, but this issue is probably a big contributer to the “eye strain” that users are reporting.

I use a lot of different headsets, and this latency affects me the most right after using one of the other major headsets which are completely “locked in.”

Motion to photon latency was one of the very early requirements for VR “presence” as discovered by Palmer lucky during the early rift dev kit cycles, which is one of the reasons they finalised 90hz as the “minspec” for good VR.

The Pimax is comparitively far worse in terms of rotational latency than even the Oculus Go in 60hz mode, even though the pimax is running at 90hz.

I really hope the Pimax engineers can find the cause of this latency soon, and I really hope they can do it before working on new features like brainwarp, knuckles, or even “performance”, as it’s a total blocking issue for me right now, and affects a wide swath of people.


Yeah ED really needs an higher res headset, overall i’m not bothered with the SDE in games with the 8k, its barely visible for me most of the time but ED is de only one i’m a bit dissapointed with, i don’t know if it’s the rendering or the thin lines and text, so far for the game alone i would buy a reverb or 8kx

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Game Profiles, Performance plus ( was miy Subsumptionen for the issues currently with the warp and co.) cooperations with devs for large FoV implementation and more FPS from Game Side.

SDE was my reason going for 8k and then swap to 5k+. I would get an 8kx in hope to read the displays in DCS but performance must be Adressed even more so and also mainly by the game devs … they need use the Features of the GPU for VR, no way around that.


I must be one of the lucky ones. I’ve played for 4, even 5+ hours at a time, and never experienced any eyestrain, except when I tried IPD settings far from my measured IPD. In some of those cases, the strain was apparent within a few seconds. The 8K is my first VR headset and the first time I played, I used it for nearly 2 hours. Clearly, there is some major variation in people’s experiences.

Unfortunately, ED is the “poster child” for aliasing artifacts and hard-to-read text.

. Poster child - Wikipedia


ED is unforgiving it would be a joy to play it with monitor alike resolution, to stay a bit on topic i voted for High res in the survey

For me Knuckles controllers easily trumps this. I didn’t spend nearly £300 on a pair of controllers for them not to work in the platform they are designed for, and one i’ve sunk a load of other money into as it was all advertised to work together.

I don’t really notice this latency. Maybe slightly, but it is low down priority. And i’m normally highly sensitive to stuff like that. Maybe I have a better unit version. Isn’t the motion to photon latency a spec of the screen panels themselves? With any work around limited to what, overclocking the screens?

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My theory is that their IMU averaging buffer is too large, but motion to photon latency could be coming in from anywhere in IMU to microcontroller to USB controllers to pc drivers to OS and software, to video drivers, to HDMI buffer and processing, to panels. Thats more or less the complete path of motion to photon.

Certainly sucks with the knuckles controllers. Probably all the people who haven’t received their pre-ordered sword controllers and base stations yet are just as livid.


I do definitely see it with Smart Smoothing enabled though.

Ah yeah. Of course, you make good points. Hopefully they can resolve it sooner rather than later

i asked them to fix moving world issue, better Smart Smoothing.

I asked for (surprise) headstraps, facepads, controllers, lighthouses, improved performance (especially with regards to PP), improved co-ordination with dev teams (to remove the need PP in the first place etc), better communications, better res (thinking of the 8K X)…so not much then :sweat_smile:

That said, you’d think after reading the forums and all the support requests, that they don’t really need a survey to work out the core things that users want. Many are pretty vocal about it already :wink:


It’s def there for me too, no matter how good my frametiming is.

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Knuckles support should just work. It shouldn’t be a requested feature in my humble opinion.

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