The Steam VR Hardware Survey

The Steam Hardware Survey was the the most reliable indicator of PC VR’s adoption in the past.
However, considering that the data has fluctuated greatly in recent months, it is likely data errors。

Note, Steam often identifies the Pimax as a Vive in the past. No joke. :joy:

but yeah, the graph looks crazy.
Btw, nearly 40 million VR User, not bad.

It’s going to be really interesting to see if the Pico 4 can jump on the chart this month.

Do you think he can break the 17 million Quest2? xd

The hardware survey results have always looked unreliable to me for Pimax headsets. It appears to have trouble identifying them and reporting them accurately. And it also warps things because they’re really all just different variants and versions of the P2. It would be helpful if the survey understood this and grouped them all together.

It would be interesting to see what percentage of market share Pimax actually has.

Reliable data on VR headset market share in general is still very hard to come by and the Steam hardware survey should not be taken as reliable information because it’s not. It doesn’t look like Valve makes any real effort to ensure its reliability. I think it’s just a background priority for them.

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I don’t think we’ll get any meaningful data from Pico on Steam. I think Steam is banned in China and with Pico not launching in America I doubt we’ll get a true reflection on market share. Unless Pico are selling millions and want to poke Zucks in the eye that is.

Lets hope the Crystal and 12k dont suffer the same anomily.

As @hammerhead_gal decided to discredit the hardware survey why doesn’t she post some real Pimax sales figures for the past 7 years? That would be way more useful than wagging the finger at Valve. lol

Can not do this and i’m not wagging the finger at Valve

Can you delete this Pimax video because it has errors and is misleading. It shows the 12k having a mini projector which is not true.

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And it’s not coming out in 2022 either lol


12-18 months?

I would go for 12 over 18.

This is off topic for this thread. Is it your intention to repeat your demand on every thread that a Pimax representative replies to regardless of that thread’s topic? Please don’t.

I repeat it because it’s still there with misinformation on the future Pimax headset. If you Google Pimax 12k that video is the first thing that comes up. Is it my fault Pimax are not listening.

I’ve seen that video used in recent videos by top VR Youtubers.

Rather than make demands from me why not spend your energy and demand from the source for the offending video to be remove or do you support Pimaxes campaign of misinformation?

I’ve seen while ago that the 8K won the war 8k/5k+ :muscle::grin:

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