The Pimax Controller's first post!

Is VRG0 helping with the sense version?

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Did someone try to shoot bow and arrow in vr or even a pistol with both hands during these thousands of hours? Are you sure the big rings of the controllers do not easily collide with each other or the headset when bringing your hands together?

I just want to say the Index controllers might have a good reason for using only a part of a ring.

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These look great, I’m a fan of having the battery removable. I’d prefer thumbsticks, but the build quality does look nice here.

yea devils advocate, pimax gave the same impression about their controllers during the kickstarter 3 years ago.

So far this year 8KX, Hand Tracking Module, Eye Tracking Module, Modular Audio Strap all released and shipping in volume. All were major projects. Next shipping items KDMAS and DMAS.

Most of the engineering team is focused on the controllers with a couple of smaller teams working on various refinements.

If you think about it in an extremely difficult year with CV19 we will have released and produced in volume: The 8KX, HT Module, ET Module, SMAS, KDMAS, DMAS and the Sword and Sword Sense controllers.


So when do we get the new hinges for our 8kx headsets?Its far too uncomfortable now…

Also were is the second face foam that was meant to be in our 8kx package?

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Why do you think they designed the Silicon Sleeve for? :rofl::rofl:


So with that being said when is the next prediction to begin sending Backer Boxes as you just detailed the KDMAS is not ready to ship yet as planned.


To be fair this may be true, but didn’t they promise backer stretch goals before end of October

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Ah okay. So these ones will have the finger tracking as well or its just ordinary trackpad.

But yeah, I be waiting for the ones with the joystick & fingertracking.^^ cant wait to see final protype on those when they are ready

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You know what be cool though. For the Finger Tracking version to also have some finger guides implemented on them as well.

I know that won’t happen but hopefully 3rd party will make them for the Sword Sense Controllers in time

(Similar to the KNUCKLES DUSTER 2

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Sorry to say but that connection to the ring looks like a sure to break point without stability to the top of the controllers. Unless this thing is made of metal I can’t trust pimax choice in plastic. Might be a show stopper for me!

Haha this is why no matter what happens I will never jump off the bandwagon.

Ive waited to long to settle on , un-ergonomic index controllers.

Too bad they are wasting so much time and effort developing a trackpad version the industry has left behind and maybe 0.001% of us actually want.

yeah bring both hands together to play cloudlands could be a problem

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I have a feeling they’ll use the same crappy plastic they used in the 5K+ housing.

All the backers like me who have been waiting for 3+ years will get the controllers which will break easily and Pimax will use a stronger plastic in the future leaving the original backers in the dirt.

To be honest I doubt that. The plastic used on the housings was simply too new of a process and with the drop test video and such seemed like it should be good. Unfortunately like Asus Sabertooth fx990(?) With experimental adding of pcix 3.0 didn’t work out and a short time later was quietly removed in a revision.

I agree that the black housings are not good. And is why pimax seems to be moving to Blue housing. I imagine the contrillers may have even better plastics as controllers need more to be more rugged.

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I hope your right @Heliosurge

I just don’t want to be left in the dust again after waiting over 3 years for my controllers.

I really hope the version they ship backers and pre-orders are tested thoroughly.

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They should release them in the RE material and color to match the new X.

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Really? My last memory of a Backer box promise was an August date.

So far the Blue housings seem to be holding up well so far.