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I knew from 6th through Google search and informed local community.
The reaction was immediate and heated.

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@anon23564932 If Pimax could consider to give those of use who purchased the Pimax 4K any incentive to back the 8K … Well, if it is something others are interested about? I would consider for sure… how about you guys?

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hmd 8k + laser tracker

means that I will have a headset plus a tracking base or only the headset compatible with htc tracking system? I do not have the htc vive and I only want it for driving and flight simulators, is this enough or would I need an vive basestation to have position tracking on the headset?

I want to back this HMD very badly. The video was very well done. I recommend showing us what your 8k unit actually looks like through the lens. Show us that there are no pixels. Show off the HMD.

Where is actual through the lens footage of your 8k prototype unit? POST THAT! We already know what the 4k headset SDE looks like through the lens, we need to see the actual kick starter 8k HMD through the lens to compare!

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I hope that the 5k OLED version is going to be available for Kickstarter as well. I’d prefer to order both OLED 5k and LCD 8K versions. Kudos to Pimax for innovation!


What is the Laser Tracker for?

When will the prices be confirmed?

@ xunshu @PIMAX-Support

Have you considered putting change out lenses in the Pimax 8K so people can choose between 200 degree FOV lenses / 110 FOV lenses

This would be an amazing feature!

Is it possible OR too difficult to manufacture?


That would be a bad idea.
The lenses are optimized for the screens. You would have to exchange the screens too.
With other lenses you could get a smaller fov, but it wouldn’t end in a sharper
Image. Instead the lenses would only focus a small part of the screens.
You could get the same effect with a software solution and the same lenses, but I don’t see any advantages this would offer.

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Amazing, just read page now…Very good video as well!

Pls: Put a strict quality assurance at the factory, so we can reduce to minimum the faulty units ratio :slight_smile: @anon23564932

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Its enough to have a standalone 8K to run racing/flight simulators. If you need positional tracking, 8k + laser tracker package is compatible with vive controllers and light houses. or you can get a full 8K package.

Great that is exactly what I need. Thanks for making an easy upgrade path for Vive owners!

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If you read the thread I posted earlier about this FOV idea, i noticed that pimax alluded that they might use the panel from the 8k in a future 4k hardware revision, so the extea lenses could be tailored to the screen easily.

Since the 8k has dual 4k panels, you would still get the added benefit of the ppi and ppd of each individual panel at 110 degrees, even if barrell distortion doesn’t use the whole panel’s real estate.

For example: the Pimax 4k panel has 806 pixels per inch (that is split between 2 eyes) + the lost pixels from the barrel distortion.

If the 8k had another set of lenses tailored for 110 degrees, you would get 806 ppi on each eye minus pixels lost for barrel distortion. IE you would still get a higher quality image.

If Pimax added lenses to swap, off course they would likewise be optimized for the panel.

I think I understood but only as clarification, also for others, this would be as in the picture, right?

Just realized that December delivery wont contain lighthouses/controllers. Kind of bad news, considering fallout 4 vr release in december that requires controllers ;(

First 8K Ever
8K HMD + Laser Tracker
Tip: If you already have Steam VR or HTC Vive light houses and controllers, get this reward.
Supports single light house for positional tracking
Dec 2017

First 8K Full Package Ever
8K HMD + Laser Tracker + Controllers*2 + Light Houses *2
The best 8K experience in one package.
Feb 2018

The questions are:

  1. is it possible to purchase vives lighthouses / controllers separately?
  2. will pimax 8k support nolo? If yes, how will the tracking work, through nolo basestation, through pimax laser tracking or combined?

Please add a kickstarter package containing “Controllers*2 + Light Houses *2” to those, who pre-order basic package in order to get it 2 months earlier but still needs pimax accessories like lighthouses or controllers. I would like to pre-order “Basic” package and “Accessories” package, if possible.

@anon23564932 @PIMAX-Support

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Hmm good one, hadn’t seen it. @anon23564932 would it be possible to back 2 packages: just the HMD and then just the controllers/lighthouses ? So that you get the HMD ASAP and then the rest when it comes available ?

There’s no way I’m going to wait till february if the HMD is availabe in December already :slight_smile:

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Hi for the full package, we can ship the headset first.


So just to be sure: we just back the full package ? And then you send out the HMD first ? Thanks