The Graphene products that will change the world

Foldable screens, batteries who charge in seconds and last longer than Li-Ion and Li-Poly ones, 100Ghz computers and much more…

This is only a taste of the many future techs I have hinted in this forum on multiple occasions, and it is finally coming out, well…almost, let’s just hope it will come out sooner than later :sunglasses:

The graphene products that will change the world.


Hey what are your thoughts on Solid state batteries, the Super caps? Saw some neat things on them years ago.

IIRC, the issue with super capacitors is they don’t trickle out power so much as dump power all at once. To get steady-ish flow (comparable to chemical batteries) you need a LOT of them (like maybe 1 per second of expected battery life).

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There are already way more advanced batteries than super capacitors, graphene lets to store energy in a more efficient , concentrated way, but there are more advanced ways, even convert solar energy to close 90% efficiency, but these techs are too advanced for the current scientific paradigm, so they are kept hidden or in closed doors.

But one day or other, all these techs must be revealed to humanity, because things have reached a point where it is no longer sustainable that few keep secret all the knowledge that allows them to exercise control over the remaining 99,9% of the population.

Almost any science fiction tech you have seen in the movies is real, or very close to be implemented, we already have the means to travel to other stars in mere hours of time.

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Awesome is Graphene like lithium much lighter than standard batteries?

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