The Forum Information leakage Survey

Dear Pimax friends,

Current Investigation Status:

  1. We verified the website architecture and SSL certificates. Results indicate safe and secure from vulnerbilities. Pimax forum and website is safe.

  2. We did however find that an deprecated account had unusual activity and it’s password was simple and not updated periodically. We suspect this account was compromised/hacked. We have disabled this account. This is Pimax’s liability, we are sorry for the inconveniences this has caused. We have as a result:

  • Restructured & restricted Administrative access to our forum site Admin.
  • Implemented a revised procedure to test with increased frequency for potential vulnerabilities.
  1. Users’ Bank information:
  • Pimax utilises secure 3rdparty payment services like Paypal & Stripe platforms. Pimax don’t have users’ bank information. As a result payment information is safe & secure.

We apologize for any inconvenience to you all.

Best Wishes,


@PimaxCommunity will you disclose what type of information was leaked?

Can you confirm whether this unusual activity took place during the security vulnerability which leaked the full name, address and phone number of every backer so long as their email address was known? See here >>>