The best Pimax headset has not yet been assembled

From the LA meeting are coming up some reviews on 5K BE

considering these points:

  • 5K BE seems to be a good headset, great colors, 85Hz, the only flaw is SDE bigger than in 5K+
  • testers and backers agree that normal FOV (150°) is the very huge leap from the first generation headsets. Large FOV (170°) adds little to the experience, degrades performance, and has distortion
  • reducing FOV via software is a waste of screen pixels

so the best headset would be a 5K BE with lenses designed for 150° FOV, in this way all pixels would be used and SDE would be much lower. The best of both worlds

I hope Pimax will design soon an headset like this, I would definitely buy it


It’s significantly more expensive than a 5k+. So value proposition is much lower in comparison.

I think that many backers and pimax customers simply want the best possible headset, $200-300 more doesn’t make any difference


I’m pointing out that the pricing is a considerable flaw. And if they have to cusomize the lens further it would make it even more expensive. You are correct though in that the 8kX hasn’t yet been assembled.

This is actual for Oculus OLED displays

8KX should be a very good headset, but does not fix the colors issue, also has not been assembled because it is not yet possible to do so, while for 5K BE with 150° they could

Some very good points here. If they compress the pixels into 150 Fov then the OLED version should indeed be very interesting. However I highly doubt Pimax is going to design new lenses.

150° lenses can be a sort of future accessories for all headsets.


Agreed, lenses seem to be very easy to replace. But again, I doubt Pimax is going to design new lenses.


…and they have a lot of expertise in this for now

I agree, but I don’t like the pentile SDE though.
What would be perfect is all the above plus OLED with RGB stripe.
Plus whatever the Odyssey+ is doing to reduce SDE (if it turns out to work).

5K+ OLED RGB with 150 FOV … take my money NOW!


it’s coming next year from somewhere without a doubt


150 degree FOV headset with 2560x1440 resolution per eye OLED pentile panels with wireless tracking is the perfect headset until foveated rendering is mainstream.

I hope Pimax iterates on their 5ks with something close to this.

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Pentile no please!!! Yiiiiik


Opps, meant RGB or Pentile with the Samsung SDE filter technology

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They really should do a lens upgrade/option in the future that squishes the whole screen’s visible panel down to 150 fov , super crisp without sde , especially with the oled

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Everybody’s missing the point it’s not the money is not worth it it’s they don’t have the items they celebrate when they get 5 or 10 out a week or a day and yet they’re taking pre-orders for an item they don’t even have I have one coming not at the price that they posted and yet sitting here waiting as a praise for getting 10 to 15 out a week let’s get that up to a few hundred and then we could celebrate and then they can start taking pre-orders as I suggested


Mass production is a skill we as humans have perfected. It will be fine after some growing pains.

Uh, that is kinda how pre-orders work. You order it PRIOR to it’s availability.