The Actions and Plans on Pimax after-sale services

Dear enthusiasts

This is Mozi from Pimax, I am now taking in charge of the after-sale service, a big challenge!but I am full of confidence! Here are some status and our plan to improve the service level, I am looking forward to your continued supports. Thanks!

As more headsets were successfully delivered to our enthusiasts,more and more after-sales problems have been exposed:qualified engineers,unrobust after-sales system, and also the management issues…

The burst of tech support requests is putting huge pressure on our service team and lots of questions created in service desk remain unanswered. We are sorry for the terrible service. Please accept our sincerely apologize for the delayed service.
For solving this issue and improving the disordered situation,we will take the following actions:

1.Short-term actions

A.New tickets will be separated in two categories. Questions listed in the first category can be directly solved by our FAQ and other questions will require relevant colleagues to resolve.

B. Pimax guarantees that each new ticket created in a day can be replied and handled at the same day.

C. Tickets created before 4th March will be reviewed case by case so as to make sure every case will be handled properly.

D.Backers can escalate the issue if they don’t receive any reply within 4 days,

(Saturday&Sunday) the manager of PAT(Pimax After-Sale) will find out the root cause to improve the whole system.

2.Long-term Solution

We are looking for qualified staff to join us and a new RMA system is under development which plans to be launched before May 2019

We will be better and we can be better! Thanks all for your patience, please don’t be hesitate to contact me if you have any suggestion or advice.


@mozi, looks like You’re the right person we need in Pimax so badly! Thank You!


Backers can submit their requests to service desk for solving headset issue, tech support team are handling this

What is the current situation with pre-orders in UK ?. I ordered 5th January, have heard nothing so far, yet some other people received their headsets with later pre-order dates.

8K or 5K+?give me more info or the sup number, I will feedback you ASAP.

SUP-318, Order Number P122923 for a 5K+. Any info on delivery date much appreciated. Thank You!

u can solve 90 % with simple Tracking ID s. And it is realy simple to put it in the Status in the “order” Page.
if u sent 100 Pices to UK with Internal numbers u can automatic put it in. And if the Local Warhoust Print the DHL/UPS/Fedex Stam u get automatic the Tracing Id. and is realy no problem to put it in the Users “order Page”.


Hi Mich,I checked the SUP-318,it is closed and it was about your 8K order and the customs duties,Matthew answered your concerns, so he should believe that resolved your issue.

for 8k we still need a little more time, suppose will ship out by 20th this month.
for your 5K+ order, I will check internally and feedback you later

My Order is NOT P121955…The order Nr is 122923 and is for 5K+ not an 8K. I did not ordered an 8K.
That simply means that the SUP number was incorrectly allocated to me. Please investigate.

Hello Mozi,
in my opinion, it is for the people with the most important to be better informed.
By that I mean the problems that pimax has.
For example, technical problems with the product or other problems.
I think we can forgive all the mistakes, but we all want to be informed about the state of things. this avoids annoyance and disappointment.
we have to communicate better.
many greetings ralf


yes,totally agree, the first thing we need to strengthen is the communicate timely. we also modified the sup status by which the users can know directly that his ticket is in which state


THX :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

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Now @anon74848233 can have a vacation :beers:


Okay Mozi.

This is where pimax is creating unrest in the forums. When you know your going to miss a date (Calander Ap is great for highlighting up coming events). The team needs to be pro active & post a delay on due date or preferably before when known your going to miss the “boat”.

This will help to aleviate angry posts where team members act inappropiately with moderstion. As it stands first offences where a suspension is deemed necessary via discussion it was supposed to be 24hours. Not what one feels like. Supplement offences were to be reviewed. Better training is needed on this or the community will turn against pimax. You can’t have “cowboy moderators”.

If rules are changed a new post to notify all of the change not just edit a post no one is likely to check to see if it’s been edited.


Hi Mozi,
Running with few issue with my 5k+ (for not saying all of them :joy:)
Opened a ticket about a month ago Suspen 1993 .
Been asked if could wait until after sale service would be up and said yes, because thought could still use my unit for a few weeks instead of uncertain wait.
Unfortunately its becoming harder and harder to enjoy and was wondering how long it would take to get a replacement (available stock in UK ?)
For info i’m in London.

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[P123047] alias [P121942] cause of Pimax Problem.
Where is the Headset @mozi

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hi Mozi

P1103 27. Oktober 2018

I asked a few times a few weeks ago, when I can count on my Pimax 5k + …

I do not get an answer…

I also asked and

Nobody can tell me something.
Eigendlich I just want to hear that my Pimax 5k + is now sent. And a tracking number would be very nice too.

But somehow you are only held out!
Empty promises are made!
My patience is over too!

So slowly something has to happen!

I’m curious if Pimax supplies me the right things.
In the order I still see the wrong controller.
Because I want the controllers with thumbstick !!!
I still have a trackpad! Trackpad is WRONG!

Please change that! PLEASE! If you do not change it, I’ll get Trackpad later … but I DO NOT want that!

I was promised the audio headband … I’m curious if I really get it!


well put and correct

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Even Worst that forum leaders are not even apprised of changes.