That WOW Moment

I always heard you really won’t be WoW’d by the FOV until you go back to the gen 1 hardware…
Well I was just WOW’d !!! without going back. And it came in Beat Saber of all games. I played a lot of Beat Saber on my vive so I feel I had a good understanding of the level of immersion Beat Saber gave me, It was fun and it was a great time in the vive but It wasn’t until just now playing in the Pimax That I had the feeling of floating in space, it was like my entire view was open space and I was slicing notes behind my ears and I could still see them. Maybe i’m exaggerating a little but that’s how the FOV made me feel, just WOW’d. I was using Large FOV as well, and it’s not that bad if your into the game

Big Props Pimax awesome Job :+1:


I went from Pimax 5K+ then back to my Pimax 4K and just went… Uuuum No!


Until it cracks and boom you are toast. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


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How dare you attempt to jinx him!


That’s not nice oysta1109. :pleading_face: So far so good :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Just kidding!
I sure hope everything is fine for you, I’m just saying the rma process is a dreadful process.

I know, I like a good roast :+1:
Yeah I was dreading it when my 5k+ was stuck in DFU mode. I was praying to God I didn’t have to send it back.

I also noticed Large FOV in Beat Saber was pretty awesome. I guess it felt like it was such a huge wide open area, so more presence.

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The biggest surprise of Pimax 5K+ for me is how it enhance the joy of Beat Saber. The better resolution just makes the graphics cleaner and more transparent. The increased FOV finds its best use here. It’s not just for immersion, but to hit more notes more correctly. I have to admit shyly that Beat Saber is my most played game on Pimax…


That’s because Beat Saber is great, I have spent a lot of time on it developing mods for sure… but I’ve spent more time playing Beat Saber than all the other games in my library combined.


629 hours played… So I’m guessing you can add more songs to the game… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I can’t comment on Beat Saber, since I’ve never played it. However, my primary VR game will be Elite Dangerous. I am SO looking forward to experiencing it in VR.

Apparently, I’ve played ED for more than 2030 hours. (More than 3 months in game, spread over 4+ years.) I’m sure there are others on this forum with even more time in-game.

I Booted ED for 5 min. It is so nice to actually been able to read text. I think you will love it


It’s good to read positive posts on the forum for a change about a good product ,
I guess most only bother to post if they’ve got an issue


I agree! Unfortunately, one of the rules of the Internet seems to be that unhappy, angry people are more likely to post on forums. I’m still waiting for my 8K, but I’m willing to wait, as long as I get a quality product,


Yes you can add songs, as well as other mods. you can also create your own song maps. It really is a great game, Pimax made it even better. You can get songs and mods from here…

I wish Pimax would hurry up with the fan addon, it’s a must for this game.