Thanks Martin and Kevin and few questions

Thanks Martin and Kevin for your live stream :grinning:
@SweViver @PimaxUSA

There was a lot more info and exciting announcements that I though. The new 8K Vision products looks promising.

Here are few questions that would be great to have some clarification.

  1. Is it possible to use our own head phones with MAS ? If not, can you get and use old style head strap with 8K Vision?

  2. About coupons, I downgraded 8K to 5K+, so that’s 100$, 100$ from wireless and I pledged 85$ for single LH unit. So, can I use this 285$ for 8K Vision ?

  3. 8KX is limited 75Hz for native 4K resolution. This is 8 294 400 pixels per eye. I now use Pitool setting at 1 and Steam resolution at 100% this gives per eye resolution 8 422 400 (3200x2632). That’s more pixels than native 4K resolution. So, why the 75Hz limit ?

  4. Why Steam resolution aspect ratio is different than Pimax panel resolution ?

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@PimaxUSA already mentioned elsewhere that the wireless coupon is only usable for the wireless module.

EDIT: Found it:

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8 422 400 (3200x2632): This is the image rendered by your PC, not the image transmitted to the headset.

You can render whatever resolution you want (subsampling/supersampling) to change image quality and GPU usage but, ultimately, the signal transmitted to the headset is a fixed resolution. The limitation in this case is the bandwidth of the communication standard (DP 1.4).

For the 5K+ the signal sent to the headset is 2K per eye and is displayed natively at 90Hz. For the 8K the signal sent to the headset is 2K per eye, is upscaled to 4K per eye, and is limited to 80Hz due to HW limitations of the headset.

For the 8KX, they were limited by the DP standard and had two choices:

  • 90+ Hz with two DP cables
  • 75- Hz with one DP cable

Yes in the stream they said you can use your own headphones with the MAS.

Wilken: Thanks, I have missed that info

Dave: Ok, well, that makes sense. Thanks for clarification.

Michael: Good to know. The head strap looks quite wide, even if you remove speakers.



One might have thought they’d be particularly keen to “get rid” of any credit for third party accessories, where the margins are not as beneficial to them, as for their own products - especially if transferred to credit for the latter…

On the other hand, I suppose they could well be making the cold hard calculation that come the wireless module, it will be positioned so expensive, coupon holders will either feel locked into a sunk cost fallacy situation, and overpay, or let their claim lapse, freeing Pimax of the “debt”…

Here it is:

It was all a plan to make us pay more. Simple as that. Money gone, trust gone. Bye Pimax.