Thank you Pimax!

I just wanted to express my gratitude to everyone at Pimax. It’s been a long 2+ years but the 8KX is a tremendous piece of hardware and it has been well worth the wait. I’m so incredibly happy with the image quality and the overall build of the headset itself. It truly is a next gen VR display.

Special thanks to:

Vivi Wang - you expedited my RMA when I found a couple of dead pixels and got my replacement in a couple of weeks. Great customer service and communication!

@SweViver - I’m astonished at Pimax Experience! This development propels Pimax into a truly first class manufacturer. They are very fortunate to have you and your passion for VR. Thank you!

@PimaxUSA - Kevin, thank you for communicating with the community so well and being level headed with all of the negative comments and feedback. You are a true gentleman and champion for Pimax.

Next step is to receive my RTX 3090 and continue the exciting VR path along with you Pimax. I’m very proud to have been a backer of this incredible kit and wish everyone who uses the 8KX many hours of fun and awe.



I’ll agree. While dealing with Pimax has had its nervous moments, so far they have delivered what I was hoping for.


Same. I made a thank you thread earlier too :smiley: For me it’s been 10 months though.


I can’t wait to receive mine and move on to try and forget everything wrong with the company and their extreme optimism. So far, even the responses from official support channels have turned out to be lies again. Still no tracking, no responses anymore. End of the month is around the corner


I hope this ends up being my experience. So far it is rough. My 8K-X order plus goodies was sent & called back due to mislabeling. So it was a big order, I ordered a lot - I can confirm the exact time from FedEx it was returned to Pimax reception and even though it had everything - for some reason it isn’t being resent until October from what they are saying. October doesn’t sound that bad until you realise there are extensive chinese holidays at the beginning of October. I just find this crazy - how long does it take to reprint the correct label and send it? 5 minutes? On a side note - I do own an older Pimax 4K and for what it is - it really was ahead of its time and still better than many options in many ways - especially for sims. I did however buy that secondhand - it was a very easy experience.


Want to join in and say thank you to @PimaxUSA @SweViver and everyone at Pimax too.

I’ve always been harsh on Pimax, but I also always praise the good stuff. All criticism is in hopes of Pimax really succeeding like I think they can, cause the VR industry needs companies who dare to do the cutting edge innovations like Pimax are doing.

It has just always been super frustrating that Pimax do some of the hardest things extremely well, but then mess up on the easiest stuff.

For myself though, I am really amazed with my 8KX … so thank you!


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