Tech Talk #15 : Virtual Reality = Real Reality?

Dear all,

Today we are going to explore about the possibility of Virtual Reality replace our Real Reality?

And what are the implications if that were happen?

Eventually most of the VR related news is the gaming industry. There’s far less cases involving other industry.

When we say virtual reality, we know it’s created and not real. But the life as we live, has also been created in our minds by past learnings and idiosyncrasies of each individual.

So what’s your answer on these 2 questions.


Wow getting philosophical!
I’ll take the blue pill, Morpheus.

Now back to my real life, which is actually VR, but wherein I play a simulation of real life…where of course I am in VR…playing a simulation of real life…where I’m in VR…

Matrix Revealed.


Also if reality was a game:

One, I suck at it and picked the wrong character.

Two, the reviews are all over the place.

JK life is GREAT! :grin: …thats why I VR?:see_no_evil:


VR has a long way to go before it’s becomes “real”. It will probably need some sort of direct brain interface or super drug for the experience to become as real as everyday life. Like Arnie has in Total Recall!



When I attended Immersed 2017 in Toronto. They had some awesome info seminars on VR application though some would likely move to AR. One discussed using 3d medical scans applied to VR improves the potential to remove a tumor completely.
Or walking through a building not constructed yet.

However we must be careful how much we dive in. All things need balance.

Im nOt HOwser!

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The obvious answer is, VR will never replace the real world. But it will be a significant part of mankind.

Beyond that, there will be a surge to VR, directed by AR. Some will be addicted, because beyond multiple other reasons, no effort in their real life will pay off for them. VR will be a kind of a drug and some will be addicted to it, to get some good feelings because real world turns so bad.
Ready Player One shows another aspect, the VR threadmill workers/slaves. I do not expect the same as the movie but I expect high skilled workers will be bound to specific tech environments because of vendor lock-in and specific driving companies (see Metaverse / Omniverse already there) and will be exploited. The crowd working in VR will be a chance of innovations, but will be fenced and farmed by big companies. Dystopian views only.

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VR is intended to simulate the real world by fooling your senses. And even in its relative infancy, it is able to do so to a significant degree.

My memories of places and visiting with friends on VRChat live along side my RL memories of those same things. That is significant because that sort of thing has never been the case before. Playing FPS games with friends didn’t do that. Socializing on Second Life didn’t do that. These other things have always produced memories in a distinctly different category from my real world memories. As if they were filed in a different section of a library.

But VRChat goes into the same section of my mental library as my real world memories do. That is, when I think about a place I’ve been or a discussion I had with a friend, I actually need to take an extra step to think “Wait… was that a real place or a place in VR?”

That distinction stands to become more and more blurred as VR technology progresses.

What is real?

That’s not actually a new concept with VR. When you go to Disneyland, you are surrounded by a fake environment. That’s not a real pirate ship. You are not actually under the ocean. You are not actually flying in space. Is VR actually any different? The underlying technology is different, but it’s still producing a fake environment around you that seems real.

In “normal” real life, how much of what is around you is also fake? We have furniture that appears to be real wood, but actually isn’t. We wear fake gemstones. If you really think about it, much of the environment around us is actually fake to varying degrees and in various ways unless you’re living wild in a forest or something.

Much of what we think of as real isn’t real. So is VR really so different?

I have come to think of my VR gear as something akin to a Star Trek “transporter”. I strap on my FBT pucks and teleport to a friend in Germany and another friend in the UK. I travel instantaneously. My friends are real. The environment is not. But does that really matter?

If these two friends and I were to travel and meet within Disneyland, the environment is again not real.

And maybe none of the environments we think of as actually real are truly real. We could already be in some sort of undetectable VR simulation ala The Matrix. And so your Pimax headset is VR within VR. Maybe we’re actually several levels of VR within VR deep.

It’s really mind warping the more you think about it all.

But at the end of the day, maybe it doesn’t really matter. The people are real. And the more that VR technology advances, the less it will matter whether the environment around them is real or not.


When it comes to sight-seeing, I think VR has so much advantage:
For normal touring, we have to use some kind of transportation, takes hours if not days to get to the scenic point. By the the time you get there, you are already exhausted and spent a lot.
In VR it will only take seconds to get there, then for the picture will be as real as you were literately there. You can even take a helicopter ride or special tours that few people have access to.

I think the VR touring will be a huge business. When the VR headset’s picture becomes so real that you cannot tell the difference between reality and streaming videos, many people will certainly prefer staying home safely and visit all the places they want to go.


Virtually im weathy and driving Ferrari with young trophy wife, reality i work 55 hrs a week 60 year old driving chevy sonic putting my 3 kids thru university :joy:


Having study sims like DCS and race sims like Assetto and IRacing in you basement and being able to crawl inside them in the way we do is by no means going to be mistaken for real, but I remember when all we had was Pong, so this is pretty neat so far. :smiley:


I love sims in VR- it’s getting very close to real. It’s not a substitute for real flight yet, but as a guy who can’t fly in real life anymore due to medical issues, it’s awesome. All that’s missing is the ‘feel’ of the plane and the actual G forces. I can’t wait to ‘fly’ in the 12K pimax.


You should checkout the Yaw2, might give you that extra bit of feeling.


Yes, it looks pretty good. I just have to figure out how to fit it in my studio, since the main use of my computer is for my voice acting/narration work. The Yaw2 is on my wish list for sure. Pimax 12K first!


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