Sword Sense and base station

Hello all,

I would like to now about the current status about the pimax sword sense controller and base station.
According to the latest information the estimated delivery is end of march 2020, but currently they aren’t available in the webshop for the pre-order.
I already pre-ordered them and i would like to know if they will be shipped until the 2nd quarter of 2020 or if the project is dropped and i must order the “upgrade” to the index controllers and base station, although i preferred the design of the pimax controllers?
If there are better controller and base station devices which are compatible with the pimax hmd please let me also know about it.

The base stations are made by Valve so Pimax uses same bases. Sense timeline is as you have indicated atm. Any good? Who knows?
Valve Index controllers use V1 Vive bases or Valve’s V2 bases. They work great with Pimax. They are excellent with Oculus Touch games in Pimax and in games like Boneworks an Alyx the will be the preferred controller because of the direct support of additional capabilities.