Switching between parallel projections the LED bar does not flash

I said, in my Pimax 8KX with the latest firmware (P2_RELEASE_8KX_R294_t20201015141501_rf4e5503.dfu) and Pitool V1.0.1.266, when switching between parallel projections the LED bar does not blink, but I can confirm that the mode has been established since the resolution per eye increases on SteamVR and the game no longer looks double. When I uncheck the option of parallel projections and restart SteamVR I see that the resolution has dropped to expected. I can make the LED bar blink if I keep the parallel projections mode and restart the HMD but I cannot remove that blinking state when I uncheck the option until I restart the HMD.
That is to say, the parallel projection works but it is not shown in the led bar.
Is this normal with the latest firmware? or I have a problem in Pitool V1.0.1.266

Nobody has this problem? I would swear that at the beginning in front Chevron was flashing when activating the parallel projections mode and the purple volvia led. Now it is not indicated by the led or the front Chevron. In some firmware change this has been broken on my Pimax 8kx. Do you all have this situation?

Please some answer.

Thank you…

Yes, I have noticed the same thing with my 8kx…the flashing chevron and purple led no longer reliably change in relation to PP being on or off. This definitely happened after one of the firmware updates that I did. Not a huge problem since PE has made per app settings so easy, but it was nice to be able to tell when PP was on just by looking at the headset

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