Survey: PIMAX 4K vs IMAX Cinema Movie - Your Opinion and Experience Share Here

Dear Pimax 4K users,

I wonder, if you compare IMAX Cinema experience while watching a movie for a solid $40 / Ticket versus IMAX 4K movie experience.

Which one you like more and what benefits you find for each? Would love to hear your pros and cons.

Thank you!

Truth it would depend on the movie as some are made for IMax & would have a larger Fov when compared to the 4k model. Buth truthfully i haven’t tried watching much video on the headset.

Now the 5k & 8k i’d say would be a different & imo better. To test will need to goto IMax sometime & try out StarVR as this should give an idea on how the 5k model may look in terms of visual experience.

I’m watching movies using TriDef 3D, and frankly is WONDERFUL!
it may be placebo, but 2D movies and series are much more “cinematic” in “Tridef3D” than in other players, the 3D effect is very good. Incidentally, does anyone know any player that converts 360º videos to 3D??

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