Support for apps from Microsoft Store and Xbox Game Pass for PC

I have an Xbox Game Pass for PC and there’s currently No Man’s Sky there, which supports VR. I’m trying to figure out how to get it working with my Pimax 5K headset. Have anyone tried using Microsoft Store apps with Pimax? Any trick to make this work?

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To answer my own question: SteamVR must be installed for No Man’s Sky from Microsoft Store to detect VR opportunity. And then it pops up a dialog before start - run in desktop or VR mode. I choose VR and it just works. It crashed on me a few times in the beginning but after reinstalling and rebooting seems to work fine! Don’t know about other games but this one is fine w. Pimax (via SteamVR).


Just import NMS executable into pitool with launch option “-HmdEnable 1” (without the quote) to have it launched in VR mode.
If you launch the game throught SteamVR, it will still ask you which version you want to launch even if the launch option is set.

Afaik there’s no “executable” when using Xbox Game Pass for PC - this thing uses game images, like isos, which it mounts on game start. So that approach may not work (unless I’m missing smth).

Wow, no. No images. Just special versions of the game. Just find the folder on your harddrive and there you find the corresponding executables.

Unfortunately it is the way I wrote:

Not all Microsoft Store apps use this, but apps installed from Xbox Game Pass for PC tend to use this (or maybe even all of them). Some googling on MSIXVC says it’s their new UMP distribution format. Then when you start a game, a virtual disk appears in Device Manager, called “Xvd”, and game data is accessed via this virtual disk which is mounted from or mounts into itself images in MSIXVC folder.


Interesting. Thanks for the information.

Nevertheless the mounted image, you should be able to find the game executable in bringing the task manager up while running it and look for it there.

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Believe it or not, the running process’s (NMS.exe) location (“open file location”) or “properties” are not accessible via Task Manager, and I’m pretty sure this is specific to Xbox Game Pass games / UMP games. Nothing happens when I click these menus. This means that most likely the location of the file is permission-restricted such that neither user (nor administrator) has access - most likely only some Windows service(s) have access, which are used to start this up. Additionally as the game is via a mounted image, the mount is highly likely RO, making changes to permissions impossible during runtime, so I see no practical way of doing what you described (adding the exe to PiTool) without hacking this thing real hard.


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