Support despite a very clear and structured post asking for specific things does not address at all my request

So support ticket #19699

I am a backer which backed for the 8K full package and I also backed an extra $270 at the time for extra base stations and other accessories that were offered in the kick starter.

Now in my ticket I state VERY clearly that I want my coupon $100 from my 8K to 5K and that I will save it for the wireless module as promised it was possible by Pimax.

Secondly I want my extra two base stations from the kickstarter which were $150 for 2 plus $10 for shipping which I already paid for.

Thirdly I want to use the rest of that excess money I paid Pimax ($110) to go towards upgrade plan F (valve controllers). I am happy to pay the rest of the difference to make that happen.

This is not a standard case and the offerings on the website cannot help me. @PimaxUSA said backers with complicated pledges would be looked after. Can someone who understand what I am asking for help here?

@Matthew.Xu Maybe you can help?