SUPEN-4653 - Waiting over 11 days for China domestic delivery. No tracking information

SUPEN-4653 @anon74848233 @mozi @DerekVVV @PimaxUSA

Been waiting 11 days for a domestic China delivery (not international). Deliveries should not take more than 5 days in China. It’s day 11 and still have no tracking information.

Order status page is useless. No replies to my tickets.

Advise please. Do you have a manufacturing problem?

HI tangmu - I can see they did try to respond to you but looks like they accidentally marked the message internal. I pointed this out to the SH team in a message. Tickets like this are typically processed quickly so my guess you will see a status when the team arrives in the morning.

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Thanks for the reply @PimaxUSA . I don’t suppose you were able to see the content of that message that they accidentally marked internally? If so please tell me.

I will patiently wait for their reply tomorrow.

I’m on the cell today but it said they had contacted the various people to try to figure out what is going on and they would get back to you monday.

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it would be quick if the headset is in stock, I have reported this to the domestic sales, they will follow it up.


@PimaxUSA @DerekVVV thankyou for the replies.
It is obvious to me that the lack of action is primarily coming from the China side. It’s Monday 7pm in China now and still my support ticket SUPEN-4653 hasn’t been answered for 3 days.

I believe you guys are telling them this information, they just fail to act upon it.

replied you on SUP, tomorrow will arrange your order ,

if the stock is ok, then it will be dispatched quickly.

@DerekVVV Thanks for replying fast again and for all your help.

I want to cancel my order and receive a refund because I have decided to buy Pimax 5K+ from a friend. Please see my new ticket: SUPEN-4806

so Sally will help you.