Supen 4377,cable clip broke etc etc etc

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Please help im at my wits end with support,ive had my pimax 6 months so far ive got cracks(which i accept untill uk warehouse opens).ive also had a cable replaced(new one is starting to show signs of snowing after 2 months approx) i also had a strap clip break a few weeks ago which ive tried to rectify various ways for over 3 weeks now,tonight my other strap clip has broke.So now i have a cable on the way out again and 2 broken cable clips,my headset is rendored useless.i dont care if i need to buy these parts i just need them,i sent picture around 6 days ago and heard nothing since .The quality of parts is terrible therefore being able to get parts quickly is paramount to your success.can you please arrange at least the 2 cable clips and if possible another cable(i will pay).

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Making parts which don’t spontaneously disintegrate may be more paramount than sending customers more and more spontaneously disintegrating parts.


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Still no reply to supen,emails or forums. Im so glad i backed them and not a retail customer.this whole venture has been a nightmare and not due to the vr experience