Suggestions for the nextversion of Piplay and ghosting issues


Could you please make the Piplay application resizable and scalable using the mouse? Its a pain when using nvidia surround as is spreads all across the whole desktop.

Also, please include the brightness settings that one can envoke using the debug tool in the Piplay application directly, as you did with allowing us to disable device tracking?

Finally, is there any way to at least reduce ghosting on the Pimax 4k HMD?


  1. +1, scaling in surround mod is ugly:)
  2. new version already has brightness control (didn’t tried it, but its there)
  3. latest version along with 90 fps should provide best possible solution against ghosting as for now, i dont really find it horrible, however i’m not really sure that all users experience same ghosting amount

I think you are correct about some users experiencing more ghosting than others. Found the new version but it made ghosting worse than ever on my system. Looks like whatever I run is locked at 60 fps based on Fraps. Not sure if that is the same for the hmd. Found fps with or without sli to be similar, but having sli enabled gives me a constant fps though… So now I’m back on build 1.1.92

HMD fps is up to 90, so you wont see if its good or not on your monitor until it goes below 60.
For best possible antighosting you need 90 fps.
It might happen that new version has worse perfomance then 1.1.92 if you use supersampling or any other way to improve the picture quality, caused by lack of some features new version has problems if you have not enough fps while 1.1.92 has features that allows to play with low fps.