Suggestion to add a Packaging tier in the kickstarter 8k campaign (HMD+Controllers) for current vive owners

I do not know if this has already been considered by Pimax or not, but I was wondering as a current HTC Vive owner if the kickstarter campaign could offer a package for investing in the HMD with controllers, since I like a great many others might prefer the new Pimax controllers with the thumb sticks, i think the current lack of thumbsticks on the vive controllers is a disadvantage in many games requiring movement, this is of course a personal opinion but shared by many and I think pimax is on the right track with their design. I do not need the light houses since they will already work with the Pimax hmd. Please consider this option. Thank you


Agreed. Since they have said you can order xtra base stations for $75 each an extra controller price ea would be good as well.

Truth i hope they build 2 versions of their controllers.

One set with Touch pads like steam reference.
One set with Touch sticks like Oculus (stick with sensor for trackpad emulation)

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Thanks Heliosurge:) It’s very nice although seemingly rare on these vr forums to find agreement at least thats the way it seems to me sometimes so appreciate the thought. I think the future for VR is going to be really amazing and Pimax is no doubt helping the industry move forward with their ambitions. I hope they continue to listen to their backers that is something that hasn’t been done in the past that much and one reason why I hope they are successful.

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Imho this is one of the Key things that makes this company special is there level of interaction with the community. Adding some pokes.

We are going to update somethings about the controller recently, and please keep follow the kickstarter campaign. Thank you


I would rather that they choose the one option that has been fully tested and shown to work and perform well and focus on improving that as best as they can instead of having multiple models of stuff… They already have enough variance with the 5k , 8k 8k X… Everyone should get the same controller… which means:
a. they can focus on getting as best a product as they can out
b. they have a base standard controller reference for trouble shooting purposes.
c. they can concentrate on quality of the product instead of trying ‘customize’ variables and hand out multiple shoddy products.
d. They can always build a second type down the track or design a newer modular version.
e. Someone else might design a better one anyway that works with v2 lighthouse…

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I also believe Pimax are a company that seem to interact a lot with the people which is for the most part a good thing. However, there is so much random noise, repetitive questions and pestering for features .that I wonder if this is actually a detrimental thing. (obviously for the most part it is usually with merit and intent for product improvement).

I sometimes wonder how they can have the patience with the constant stream of niche requests. I for the most part would have still backed the full amount for the 8k X even if Pimax wrote only one comment a month in the kickstarter forums or here… (because that’s how a lot of kickstarters are,… but not how they should be).

The reason for this is that right now, they are the only company that is potentially offering something even close to what I am seeking within the 1 year time frame. Obviously whether they can fulfill expectations is another matter… But people who get on board early are always exposed to that risk. (So it makes me scratch my head to see people actually pester or complain)

The idea is to use say the knuckle design, but to have thumbsticks option & trackpad.

Reason some prefer one over the other & certain games a stick can be more comfortable for game play. As an adopter of the Steamcontroller I can say there are games (piloting 4 example) where dual sticks are prefered over trackpad.

Oculus has a touch sensor on top of the stick that when your thumb is onbthe stick it serves in steam to activate the stick like your touching a trackpad.

So it would be the exact same controller just with a choice if stick or trackpad.

Me i would order 1 set of each as depending on game i might use one or the other or one of each.

Yes i do wish folks would use the search function more it would save answering the same questions over again.

Unfortunately it seems to be human nature to complain(alot). It often amazes me how often folks complain & compare rift/vive/ms-mr prices & say 5k/8k package should be cheaper. While i might like cheaper prices(who doesn’t) imho the spec vs those solutions should speak for itself on price.

And as they say the kid is never happy with 2 cookies if you can get 3. :v::smirk::+1::sparkles:

The current controller prototype that I used has a touchpad. They asked us for feedback about thumbstick vs touchpad, and I said most people would probably prefer a thumbstick.

However, the current prototype has very bad build quality, and the buttons feel mushy. Until we see a new controller with major improvements, you may want to stick with your existing Vive controllers.

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Its why i mentioned to have 2 flavors of the controllerl.

As folks are often divided on trackpad vs thumbstick.

Some games could even be prefered to mix.