Suggestion: PIMAX Partnership with XTAL to produce consumer XTAL with full use of panel and screen shifting IPD adjustment (PimaXTAL 5k/8K)


Since Pimax has experience producing wide fov headsets at low cost, and XTAL has openly stated they don’t want to mass produce their headsets but are willing to find someone to do that mass production for them;

Would it not be a great opportunity for both companies to share their R&D so that there can be a cheaper XTAL for consumers with screen shifting IPD adjustment like the Vive pro has which would maximise useable screen real estate, and could truly eliminate SDE on a native 8k display (4k x2) (it almost does on the 5k XTAL screen), instead of just lens shifting IPD adjustment like current pimax headsets have.

And with better fresnel or aspherical lenses which a lot of users have been requesting, VRgineers team may be willing to share their advancements in wide fov lense technology in exchange for mass production of a cheaper xtal consumer unit.

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I suggest to get in touch with the VRgineer team before ACER release StarVRone at a competitive price.

This could really help alter the publics perception of the quality of products coming from Pimax for the better if they pull it off, and puts them into serious game especially if even plastic wide fov aspherical lenses are used.

If Pimax had to rely on Kickstarter to cover production expense as well software development for Pimax 5K and 8K family, it would be a stretch to expect Pimax being able to purchase the XTAL license.

VRgineers decision not to produce the headset themselves is a clever move on their part because they don’t need to build capital (they way Pimax did with Kickstarter) to manufacture the headset and flog them. They only need to spend time developing a product to prove to target consumers that the product works and marketable and sell the rights to major manufacturing companies.

They pretty much copied Valve’s business model that led to HTC Vive.

Hasn’t it already been stated Pimax received a 10million investment outside of KS and that the KS was done solely for marketing purposes?

It’s quite possible a lot of the components for the consumer XTAL could be replaced with in-house sourced Pimax components used for the 8k/5k or RE editions to keep the cost of development down.

They could be called the PimaXTAL 5k and 8k versions (no upscalers, XTAL pentile OLED 5k screen and Pimax 8k pentile lcd screen used for each unit)

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Found the article about the 15 million investment.

I thought their main funding came solely from Kickstarter LOL. No, according to the article they got the funding after the kickstarter campaign breached Oculus’ record.

Interesting indeed. Well I’m changing my tune for sure.

Pimax! Get on with it and bid for XTAL’s license before it goes to some other company!

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It is a possibility that Pimax could attempt to replicate the wide fov aspheric lens design used by XTAL by gluing 2 convex and concave fresnel lenses together to keep the cost down and to achieve angled concave lenses like XTAL has.

Honestly, I think what they should focus on is the form factor. At the moment they are trying to cut down cost so much by using the same shell (or at least it seems to be the case) for 8K and 5K family of products causing issues like plastics breaking at the seams from them packing in too many components for the shell to handle.Once they have sorted that out, it should be relatively easy for them to experiment with different optics.

On the software side, I still believe that Pimax can still use the same method XTAL used on their HMD which is by rendering at full display resolution of 2560 x 1440 instead of downscaling or upscaling the resolution. Some who are more knowledgeable about this said that that would mean even more severe SDE but I can live with that. I’ve lived with SDE for 2 years with my old HTC Vive. I’d rather have that then unreliable performance. Granted I’m currently stuck with my 1080 (no Ti) for the foreseeable future but I don’t think anyone would mind getting more options to tinker with in PiTool.

The RE editions don’t have those issues and neither do the newer plastics used in the standard models.

I think that a plastic wide fov concave aspheric lenses should be used instead of glass aspheric or fresnel to keep the cost down and design similar to XTALs.

Well RE editions came post KS, like the later batches of 8K and 5K+. Do plastics refract as good as glass though? Never looked into it. One thing for certain is that plastics scratch far more easily than glass. Even eyelashes scratch them (speaking from experience).

Fresnel is made of plastic so I would assume so, we will find out shortly when measurements are analysed for the lens housing, and when some custom plastic wide fov aspheric designs /u/worldburger on reddit offered to make in the comments of this thread are made and tested.

The next hurdle that you’ll encounter is the PiTool itself. The new lenses would require a totally different computation to account for the lens distortion.

Can’t join in the Reddit discussion since I don’t use VPN on my mobile and Reddit is blocked in my country…

The PimaXTAL could use XTALs software instead, since the distortion profiles have already been made for XTAL and their software is compatible with pretty much every VR application on the market.

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First time coming across the term PimaXTAL LOL you should trademark it.

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The auto IPD will be easy once they get the eye tracker module. Making new lenses (which is really biggest advantage XTAL has over the pimax is key)…it zooms less in on the panels and hence pixels and they are naturally clearer. What I don’t get is why if the pimax is using less panel does steamVR render so high, then it downsamples for the pimax? It seems like 100% in the steamvr should be same as the xtal (2560x1440).

A partnership that is clearly meant to be.

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Pimax can have it for free if they do it, I don’t expect any royalties for the name. :sunglasses:

@Mantidtings added your masterpiece to the op.

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Afaik no, but they are good enough for this purpose. I would not use plastic lenses in telescope or microscope though.

Still, they are much better than in the past and “usable” but I don’t know any that would be (good) glass quality. Of course there are many different glass materials as well and high quality glass is expensive.

Is not going to happen

I’d rather them oartner with star vr.

Well in the long run, partnership is less profitable than buying off a license though.