[SUGGESTION] Map recenter to hmD power button

So I was thinking, it’d be nice, if technically feasible, for future pimax software versions to map the recenter function to the power button on the pimax 4k, just a short press would do the trick and we wouldn’t need to map this function in every game (somo even don’t have that fucntion).


Very nice idea, especially with the fact that the power button isnt doing anything at all (at least by me)

top notch idea. i would even go as far as to have a ipd adjustment instead of volume.

physical buttons on the head set for this would be great.

+1 for both of these!

Agree with recentre on the power button. But i think double click is best.

Not sure about the volume remap though. Maybe make it switchable in piplay between volume or ipd.

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