Suggestion: DO NOT POWER 8kX at 12V! 8K X USB to a Power Supply Adapter Works Fine and Saves a USB Port!

EDIT: I was unaware that the Tundra-Labs Power Adapter that works for Vive, Vive Pro, Index, 5k+, etc, is too much voltage for the 8K X, so do not try that. The Usb 2.0 Cable from the 8K X can be attached to a 2/3A power block if you want to save the USB, as mentioned by @SweViver in the comments below.

Thats all.

I’ve been locked from replying to comments so I just updated the OP.


Great tip!

I’m going to use a different solution. I’m using a remote-controlled electrical outlet to switch my 8K on, only when it’s in use. Therefore, I’ve bought an Anker USB recharger to plug into my outlet switch.

Once my 8KX arrives, I’ll post a “mini” review of both.


Oh nice! Another good idea too.


That’s sounds great. So the 8KX usb 2.0 plug is only for power and it needs 12V DC or 5V DC?


Don’t connect 12v to your 8kx is uses 5v from usb

5 volts

As with earlier versions of USB , USB 3.0 provides power at 5 volts nominal. The available current for low- power (one unit load) SuperSpeed devices is 150 mA, an increase from the 100 mA defined in USB 2.0. For high- power SuperSpeed devices, the limit is six unit loads or 900 mA (4.5 W)—almost twice USB 2.0’s 500 mA.


I’ve got the power USB from the 8kx plugged into an old iPhone charger. Works fine and saves a USB port on the computer.


Amazing. Those dont even output more than 5V. Much simpler approach too! Great to hear!


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Oh NO. DO NOT POWER THE 8kX from 12V. If I am reading this right, this is absolutely insane. DO NOT DO THIS.

Conceivably, you could damage more than the headset itself. Like your computer (with 12V on the 5V or USB data line - I know many expensive computers are destroyed by that), your house (in flames), or (with the PSU on a sufficiently different AC circuit and/or a very badly designed cheap transformer winding, EMF capacitor, etc, breaking down to mains), you.

And this is why some of us hardware designers are reluctant to provide any kind of support beyond lots of big all capital letters disclaimers.

Connecting unspecified voltage sources to equipment is invariably equivalent to splicing a wall socket cord to such power inputs (DISCLAIMER: Do NOT do that either, I am not responsible). You would be doing something safety testing labs have can NOT prevent from being incredibly dangerous to YOU.

You are jeopardizing a ~$1300 headset to save the trouble of buying a proper $5 USB power adapter (which notably also must be very well isolated and plugged into the same AC circuit as your computer for safety).

Yes, the internal voltage regulator will probably accept it for a while. Unless the hardware was specifically designed and tested for this, it WILL overheat. And at least this pre-production 8kX is warm enough over what I assume to be the PSU area, that I don’t expect much margin before the MTBF is drastically impacted from such things as inductor winding insulation failure, capacitor dielectric failure, etc.

@PimaxUSA I know this must seem ridiculous, but maybe you would care to enlighten these folks with a little more information? :wink:


I’d like to say to Pimax that this was one stupid move… Giving up a USB port on your computer or hub is just bad. Should have gone 2 DP/HDMI cables and taken advantage of all the GPU outputs and 90Hz native instead, Surely that can be done?

Thanks for providing a workaround to this very annoying thing. Im already 3 7 port hubs used.

What part of do not connect to 12V did you miss?

Isolated, 5V, transformer from the same AC circuit. Or get a cheap USB 2.0 card that draws from the PC’s ATX 5V line on the same DC ground plane. Your motherboard probably has a spare USB header anyway.

EDIT: Topic LOCKED. I cannot determine the OP is not seriously suggesting connecting the 8kX to 12V power, which is beyond stupid and dangerous. Terms I do not use lightly.


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Notifying you since you liked the OP. As stated above, without any known confirmation from Pimax the 8kX is not intended to operate at anything other than 5V, it is stupid and dangerous to apply higher voltage.

While, I realize this may have been some kind of joke, at the very least it went much too far providing a link to the materials to actually do this. There is a reason posting ‘dangerous shell commands’ has been a bannable offense on various Linux forums…


I don’t know why Pimax didn’t just stick to a regular power plug for their power supply like most headsets. They delayed our 8KX for months all to make an extra usb port required for power and now idiots are trying to save a usb port.

We do not know that was responsible for the delays (in fact Pimax have stated other major quality improvements happened), presumably manufacturability changes happened as well, and frankly, I really prefer USB power. I can use an external adapter if I want, or I could use the 8kX more portably with a laptop or other computer on DC power only.

All of which is beside the point now.

Topic locked.


Most likely misread and thought he was using a Tundra labs SATA adapter (SATA outputs 3,3V 5V and 12V)
If that’s not the case and he is feeding his X 12 volts that’s obviously not good.

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OP linked to a 12V barrel jack PCI/PCI-E slot bracket, and an adapter to convert that barrel jack to USB. Obviously trying to reuse the 12V jack he wired in for the 5k+ with the 8kX.

Either it was a joke without appropriate disclaimers, links to ‘you’ve been fooled’ sites, etc, or incredibly stupid, and I hope no one continues to do this unless Pimax officially confirms it’s safe (which I think rather unlikely).

Anyway, topic locked.

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My Oculus Rift used 4 USB connectors :slight_smile: Im so happy its out of my life nowadays.

Joke aside, the removal of external power on 8KX had several reasons since the PCB changed. And also its a great addition to VR arcades (backpack PCs etc), people who need extension cables and other scenarios. You can still externally power the 8KX by simply connecting the thinner USB cable to a 2/3A USB charger or hub, if needed or preferred. The thinner USB cable does not need to be connected to the PC.

And thanks @mirage335 for the warning and pointing out the risks!

Dual DP solution might or might not be the next step. But most likely will, since the new GPUs dont even support DP 2.0, so I guess a two DP cable solution is the “future” for the next couple of years.


Thx for notifying, removing the link and clearifying! I liked the solely intent to help others by @MikeJeffries , but haven´t read it through detailed! But I am glad you did and appreciate making this warning before someone kills his/hers 8kX once it arrives.
nonetheless, such a shame users are kind of forced tinkering like that, and should always think about basics of electricity when doing so! (But I am sure there is some warning on that topic in the package itself.
Thx once again!


I’m not “splicing” anything. I’m just planning to use a standard USB charger. I just verified that the output is 5V, up to 2.4A.


Exactly my thought… I really don’t see what the fuss is about?

Making it a standard USB-A plug makes it more versatile.

  • If You want to power via PC, plug it into the PC.
  • If You want to save a USB plug on the PC, plug it into a USB wall charger (You probably have a few lying around anyway)