Still no side by side video thro the lens ? Whats the reason?

Anyone know why this forum has stopped requesting video thro the lens ?
nothing has been seen since v2 ?
Why ?
side by side would it help you make a decision ?
has anyone complained about seeing video ?


Yes still images are not that helpful


Maybe they don’t have the equipment to do it justice but I am pretty sure it is a conspiracy to mislead you all :upside_down:


Im pretty sure a gopro or digital slr would be enogh but hay conspiracys gotta start somwhere :joy:

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The video would likely show the current 8K looking worse than it use to be.

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Yes, where are the videos? The testers have only posted a few images and kissed ass a lot, pretty poor to be honest.

Go to the 1 hour 25 minute mark.

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They don’t do it unless you pay them through Patreon. They’re pretty greedy imo.

I cannot understand why Pimax choose them as testers.

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All in all they ´re doing a very fine job IMO. We can be grateful we got all the information we now have due to the testers. Because Pimax themselves are doing strictly NOTHING AT ALL to clear things up.


I don’t get attitude this unless you meant this in an entirely sarcastic manner (in which case, disregard the following).
-Addendum: I looked at your post history, so I think you were being sarcastic after all…very hard to tell from a single post…I am leaving this as is though as I have heard some similar sentiments from a couple of others in other places and still think it is applicable to them. -End Addendum

The above review link I posted off YouTube was free access. The only thing Marcin limited to Patreon was the original high rez images he used in the video. Considering the amount of time the 3 testers have put into this, why would you begrudge them a (in Marcin’s case a $2) Patreon request for more details when you consider that they have clearly made the bulk of their feedback freely available?

Considering the number of requests for specific tests all three have been flooded with and the number they have tried to accommodate, I think your remark smacks of either being incredibly self-entitled or just a straight attempt to troll. They could have just posted some kind of written or video review and called it done. In fact, I don’t think there was even a requirement that they give us reviews at all…their role was to provide feedback directly to Pimax and the BENEFIT to them was doing reviews.

In any event, I seriously doubt any of them will make much money off this…certainly not enough to justify the time they personally invested. Even the number of viewers they will subsequently add to their channels is relatively small and they won’t make much off this due to YouTube’s poor compensation arrangements unless you have hundreds of thousands of subscribers.


I have no intention of editing my original post. What’s more concerning is the fact that it has been censord in the first place.

Anyway I’m pretty sure most backers do want to see the through the lens videos. At least Pimax should put some up if the testers can’t after all “we” are the backers who have been waiting paciently and most of us haven’t posted or complained. I’ve only signed up to the forum as I’m dissapointed with the output from the current testers which to be honest is pretty amateurish for the apperent amount of time they’ve been testing.

These are unpaid testers. Through the lens videos are difficult to do (since there’s no genlock available) requiring expensive specialize equipment to do well. The bigger question is: why hasn’t Pimax done more? I assume it’s because they are a very small company and are currently focused on shipping headsets, not marketing. That prioritization is good, imo.


Agreed. Also, for some reason I trust random, non-paid strangers on YouTube more than I do anything that makes it through a Marketing Department. Could be just me, but I have zero interest in company claims after years of being lied to by marketers.

And i thought i paid for this product not a suprize package ? We all find meaning in others ways of doing things but as a customer number## 972 i dont beleave with final orders being taken we should have any reason to be in the dark in any circumstance @pimax your customers , your product , your show

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using a gopro camera or similar and a mount in front of the lens same distance as your eye then just start a game and look around a fue minutes ?
they did it whit oculus back in the days.

but we all know it will never look same as your eyes when you get it .
i think what we have is enough

What do we have ? Im un clear