SteamVR vs Oculus

When I select the Oculus to be the default runtime instead of SteamVR from within Oculus software, it’s all the same to me whichever I choose. But I found we can force Oculus mode by running a game with OVR_Launcher_x64.exe in the Oculus directory. How’s that different? I’m sure I’m confusing the runtime with…libraries? This is where my understanding surely breaks still… Or is Pimax just defaulting back to SteamVR in the first case…and in the second case I’m forcing it to Oculus. Haha what language does my Pimax speak? I’ve recently seen huge performance gains with Luke Ross Mods which forced (faked) and Oculus mode stating that there’s a bug in their SteamVR implementation… so I wanted to see where this takes me… if anyone has thoughts. Maybe I’m too far down a rabbit-hole…

I feel like I need to diagram OpenXR, OpenVR, SteamVR, Oculus (runtime), libraries, things
like Revive, open-compositor, and other terms like compositor, API, runtimes. I mean I can wiki each thing so I dont need a definition so much as a flowchart.

You might want to check this post:

Excellent link. Thank you!

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