SteamVR Input announcement {controllers}

As you can read in this update… Steam created SteamVr Input. An update that allows users to build binding configurations for any controller and for any game, exactly how they like it!!

Absolutely amazing. But it does state in the end of the announcement:
“Hardware developers should look at the driver API documentation[] to see how they can enable this new system for their devices.”

It would be great if Pimax could do so @deletedpimaxrep1.
Then we could change button configurations on the fly for any vr game we want if needed.


Good news, this could lead to have mixed Pimax touch/thumbstick controllers configurations, or even having them both on the two, like in the WMR controllers.

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Interesting, thanks a lot for sharing! I have pushed the info to the team.


This is really great news!


Shame it doesn’t work at all, for anyone apparently, even vive owners.
Hopefully will be fixed soon. I would love some way to use just an xbox controller for basic input in some games.


This kind of works now if you copy this in your web browser while SteamVR is working:

I say kind of because, in my case at least, it only lets me edit the controls for the few most recently played games. And it looks like a huge hassle to bind everything. Some kind of progress at least.


Update: Go Settings>Developer and checkmark “Enable debugging options in the input binding user interface”. Close SteamVR and restart and the Controller Binding option should work from inside SteamVR.

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I suspect Bethesda’s Fallout 4 VR beta, which requires Steam VR beta has already taken (some)advantage of this in making the game friendly with other controllers. The game play on Touch is now as it should be except for the need for changing button bindings which should be coming. This will go a long way in Valve showing Microsoft how OpenVR/XR needs to develop.

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yea im a thumbstick guy all the way. but i didnt want to risk incompatibilty with most games. so i ordered 2 track pads and 1 left controller with thumbstick.

hearing this news im kind of regretting that decision as it seems that there will be no problem now if i had gotten 2 thumbstick controllers. i could have used the $100 extra i paid to get the hand tracking. :frowning:

do you think it’s to late to change my preference?

My understanding is Pimax will re-solicit when they are ready to send. I’m in the same boat you are and am rethinking my choice of pads.

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where did you hear this? If its legit this is great news.

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It was in Xunshu’s post under all the pictures.

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For controller backers - We understand some of you are swaying between thumbstick and trackpad. You will still have a chance to switch your option when the controller prototype comes out.

We will announce here when we are about to prepare the mass production of the controllers.

I just noticed this line where you pointed it out. I had read it before but i must have missed that part. I’m very happy now:laughing: