Steamvr 1.6.10 Update Reveals

Reading over Steamvr update some of pimax crashes may have been related to bugs in SteamVR prior to recent update.


I wish Pimax would put out as many updates and as frequently as steam dose :zipper_mouth_face::innocent::smiling_imp::thinking::grinning:


Agreed. But up until recently they were averaging 2 releases a month.


I’d take solid not so frequent releases (even beta releases) over frequent broken releases any day so to speak… :wink:


Am i the only one having this issue right now ?

Also my oculus quest with Virtual Desktop is not working in steamvr

My valve index is forking fine instead

Damn valve!

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I don’t recall if it’s in vrsettings file… But you might need the multiple hmd drivers turned from false to true.

Did you have your vive & pimax running back & forth?

I was trying to run the quest with virtual desktop for steamvr and it did not work.

Then I run the pimax , and it is not working in steavr.

Then I tested the index and i is working

But now thta I recall I tested the index yesterday for the 1st time. Before testing the index, the pimax was working yesterday night. After tested the index, the pimax is not working

Is vrsettings a steamvr file ?

I have found it in C:\ProgramData\Steam\config

I do not see that entry in it though

Did you exit steamvr & restart?

I only have pimax headsets. We might need a fellow index or vive user to chime in.

@DrWilken @jojon @risa2000. Is there a trick on getting both pimax & index/vive able to run in steamvr?

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and also quest please

I have this line in :

“steamvr” : {
“activateMultipleDrivers” : true,
“background” : “#FF000000”,
“enableSafeMode” : true,
“forceFadeOnBadTracking” : false,
“installID” : “14252010477440698018”,
“lastVersionNotice” : “1.6.10”,
“lastVersionNoticeDate” : “1564674570”,
“mirrorViewGeometry” : “-32000 -32000 276 45”,
“mirrorViewGeometryMaximized” : true,
“preferredRefreshRate” : 144,
“supersampleScale” : 1.3999999761581421

there is another part that says

“LastKnown” : {
“HMDManufacturer” : “Valve”,
“HMDModel” : “Index”

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That looks good. As far as I can tell. Once pimax loads I think it will add another hmd profile like the valve one

but the pimax and the quest are crashing steamvr with the no hmd attached message appearing

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That’s why need some input from folks like yourself that have multiple hmds.

@leppermessiah1 i know has a few headsets as well.

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Thank you so much!

The quest is working now. The problem got solved with a latest update of VD.

I need to test again pimax headset to see if it works or still does not work

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I must point out item number 5 on that list

Improved startup reliability for users of all headsets including Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows MR.

why is Pimax not listed?

It proves my point that something is wrong here. Why does the Pimax feel like a hacked in driver? All I want to do is play everspace on my 5k+ without graphical glitches. If Pimax could be recognized by Valve then maybe these glitches and steam VR improvements could apply to Pimax as well. . OpenXR can’t get here soon enough.

Items disappearing on the edge of your view is something that would not ever happen if SteamVR was aware of FOV’s larger than 110.

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I think Pimax is included in “all”, even if it’s not listed.

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Everspace has issues on HTC as well. If you launch from Desktop while SteamVR open. Choose to launch Oculus version; it will complain about wring headset but will launch & play nice compared to Valve version.

SteamVR is only responsible for things Valve makes in games. Others fall to game Devs.

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All I can say is that I think pimax users tend to be educated buyers and not noobs.


I guess (hope) that it is for the same reason they did not mention Vive Pro (actually any other headset from HTC apart from the OG Vive), Samsung Odyssey, HP Reverb, and basically anything from China. These things are probably either insignificant (in terms of selling numbers), or have such a poor support from the manufacturer it is not worthy (thinking about cheap Chinese stuff).


Haven’t managed to get the Vive going but only tried shortly.

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May have to enable viewing of hidden folders to get here:


Backup/Open openvrpaths.vrpath w/ Text Editor

Verify external SteamVR driver entries are being loaded:


   "external_drivers" : [
      "C:\\Program Files\\Pimax\\SteamVRSupport\\drivers\\aapvr\\",
      "G:\\Program Files\\Steam\\steamapps\\common\\NOLOHOME\\NoloAllDrivers\\",
      "C:\\Program Files\\ALVR\\driver\\",
      "G:\\Program Files\\Steam\\steamapps\\common\\MixedRealityVRDriver",
      "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Riftcat 2\\lib\\Driver\\vridge",
      "C:\\Program Files\\Virtual Desktop Streamer\\OpenVRDriver"

Omit drivers that may be conflicting.

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