Steam vr footage with leap motion module request

Hello I am an old (and somehow happy) costumer of the 4k, I have patiently waited for years for the price of controllers to go down but I don’t think it will ever gonna happen at this point.

Before I buy the leap motion module I d like to ask if anyone got any footage of any major games using only the module for hand tracking. On reddit they said that the pimax module use the new Ultraleap Stereo IR 170, that has really good fov, that the gemini 5.2 works great and some guy did some emulator drivers for various vr controllers using gestures. GitHub - SDraw/driver_leap: Self-sustainable fork of SteamVR driver for Leap Motion controller with updated vendor libraries
Apart from some flight simulator I am having trouble finding proof that this setup is viable with steam vr games. I also have a paid driver4vr if is needed. Please link away and I ll buy the thing.Thanks


Here is a HT Guide that may help it lists some games.

I read the guide thanks, any reason why I should not strap the module to the 4k with hot glue or velcro and run an extra usb cable?
I would like to see the module working outside the custom build apps from leapmotion or pressing some buttons in a flight simulator cockpit before I buy it. Any footage will be really appreciated

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You would need a 90° adapter usb-c cable

You could use a variety of methods to attach. I would suggest though maybe buying the leap modul from UltraLeap as the connector is likely on the side and Iirc it might be a tad cheaper.

YouTube might have some game footage.

In EU the cheaper price I could find is still like 50% more than over at pimax and no housing. I already went looking around on youtube, I ll just wait till it gets more popular I guess? I was thinking that over here ppl would have been a little ahead of the curve and have something a little more convincing to share, but maybe I m just looking for something that isn’t really there yet. thanks Helio

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I just someone awhile back posted a regular v2 leap and was cheaper than pimax branded one.

I think Driver4vr has some enhanced usage for leap.

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